Tips seasoned fisherman

  • IDE is best to catch on Caddis larva or mayflies, bark, steamed peas and a dragonfly. We need to break up the dragonfly halves of the wings and tail.
  • If the fish that hung to provyalit, cover with gauze soaked in vegetable oil, then it will not touch the flies.
  • Flour worm – the larva of the beetle, brown-yellow color can be a good attachment for non-predatory fish. It can be diluted in any jar filled with bran, bread crusts or tainted dentist in madison and left on for a long time in the barn.
  • Sometimes it is necessary that the bait floats on water, such as in coastal thickets. To do this in a bag of bait should be put volleyball camera or a plastic bag filled with air.
  • Good bell for fishing rods can be made of the old rifle sleeve, soldered to his ear and the “tongue”. It will be more resonant if sleeve cut it to half.
  • Painted Lady butterfly larva can always be found in the heads of thistles “mug”.
  • The burdock trunk nest larvae, something resembling Caddis, but without legs. You just need to find the inner barrel, which has holes, and split it along.
  • Grasshoppers have to catch early in the morning, they are less alert at this time. Before mounting it is necessary to break him of the hock legs and wings. If you catch a fly, the wings and straighten left untouched.
  • The worm lives in the rivers of the river under rocks, in the sludge lagoons, found in floodplain lakes.Iridescent color: reddish-orange or purple-brown. If the pond has this worm, the fish will be more willing to take it on the bait.
  • The worm swamp thick, black with a bluish tinge, it is very sturdy and well kept on the hook. here He lives in wetlands rivers and small lakes, often at the water’s edge in the bumps with vegetation, land deposits, or in swampy turf soil.
  • The worm lives in earthen flood plains, in the pits, where only water is left and left debris drifts in bold black soil. The worm is large, up to 30 cm. The color gray-green.
  • After fishing bait store in a dry and dark place.
  • Grasshoppers gathered in a meadow, green and large sink in water and collected on sandy soil, small and yellow – do not sink.
  • Worm-moth living in apples, a good bait for carp fish.
  • Perch prefers small bright cleaning service in madison.
  • Rub dry soap connecting rod part and you can easily connect them.
  • To fish bite better, bait should roll in the sand.
  • White pebbles, pebbles, if they periodically throw to the float, are a good bait for the fish.
  • At the sump pit the larva overwinters yellow flies, similar to maggots, but thicker and with a tail. Great bait for winter fishing.
  • The nozzle of the meal being prepared so. Soak cake, a little fry, mix with flour, knead the dough. The nozzle should be the size of a large pea. info
  • Carp love boiled corn, steamed wheat, barley and oats.
  • Bream and carp willingly take the bait from tubers boiled potatoes.
  • To crank lived a long time, it should be stored in a large potato.
  • Long kept beetle living in acorns, it is very similar to the Caddis.
  • “Beard” can unravel quickly if you use the shuttle.
  • Any curved rod can be straightened, if you lay it out in a metal pipe of suitable diameter and stand in the sun. Pre-rod better soak or steam.
  • When salting fish on the fishing is often no appropriate weather and conditions. Rub the fish with salt, place it in a plastic bag, buried in the ground, hump seal the land.
  • If you bother drying fish flies Scare them with wasps. Spread the jam and put the saucer next to the fish.True wasps themselves are not averse to eat fish, but the worm in the fish will not.
  • In the creeks covered fallen leaves, hiding a lot of any fish. What matters is that the foliage was not alder, its fish for some reason does not like.
  • To sleep by the river is good “warm grass” Carex.
  • Good cock (nod) can be made from used X-ray film. The film cut strip length 8 cm, truncated cone-shaped.Extended part of it is inserted into a segment of a rubber tube, not tapered ring is made of a thick fishing line, it is fixed. Storozhok ready.
  • Quickly unhooked can be done with safety pin and lead strips. To do this, the lead should be wound on a blunt pin of the pin and ring little stretch it so that it passes freely monofilament. The cord is tied to the head of a pin.
  • The coarse bark at the nozzle on the hook better to cut through the side grooves. read
  • In the winter time it is better to use a dark-colored hooks. “Dye” white only – slide the hook in a matchbox, light a match and bloat hook.
  • Do not leave your catch in the bitter cold on the ice. Fold it in the bag, the bottom of which is covered with a cloth. This method of preserving fish you save her taste.
  • Do not try to pull the fish out of the power of herbs. Fish should be given slack fishing line, and it will free itself.

Fishing in July

July – this is probably the same month of the summer season, when the sun was hot in all its power. For the fisherman this month can be described as not the best, when you cleaning service in madison a big catch.Everything is explained quite simply. The upper layers of the water surface are heated to a temperature comfortable for the fish, the more it is shown in the shallow areas. As a result, virtually all the fish goes into depth, or lives in areas where there are a large number of bottom springs. During the day, when there is a quiet hot weather, expect a good catch in most cases is not necessary.Therefore fishing in the dentist in madison days is more practical in case a rainy day and cloudy. It is also the best time for fishing in July will be the morning, when just gets dawn. At this time, water is still not as strong as the day warmed up and the fish rises from the depths to the surface. In some cases, fishing can take place in the night hours. At such times, well caught bream, perch, chub, pike, perch. read more

If we talk about the type of standing water bodies such as lakes, ponds, creeks, and the like, the situation is even worse. July month for such bodies of water – it’s time to flowering water when the mass of algae bloom in full force. This situation not only leads to turbidity of the water column, but also to the fact that the fish has the ability to eat well. Of course, the well-fed fish catch becomes more difficult. In stagnant waters usually lives carp, carp , ide, carp and other fish species. If the weather is good, in terms of fishing, and clear waters of the whole fish is near the surface, in the period of expansion of aquatic vegetation withered fish rushes to the bottom. It connected with the fact that the decaying plants have a negative effect on the water oxygen saturation level. click here

Meanwhile, even despite the fact that July summer month is not quite favorable for this process, as is the fishing experienced anglers fish do not remain. To do this, use all available experience fishing and, of course, all the available knowledge about the habits of fish. For example, experienced fishermen know well that the perch – a fish, which almost always resides at depth and only in periods kormёzhki this type of fish can be seen in the shallows. Favorite hangout perch, this dense thickets of water lilies and other aquatic plants. Okun also likes to dwell there, where in the bottom of a large number of snags. It is in such places is celebrated the best of this type of biting fish. Catch the best perch for this type of nozzle as dung worm, bloodworm, dragonfly larvae, as well as small fish – the fry. To use a float fishing rod, spinning.

About a fish kaksudak, we can say with certainty that this type of fish loves to clean water. Habitats walleye in July, as a rule, are located where there are deep pits, river rapids. Sudak is best to catch a spinning, using as bait and jig blёsny. In principle, a good idea is caught perch and float rod. In the latter case caught on live bait or worm manure. The optimal time for catching walleye in July, it’s the early morning hours, when the sun has not yet risen or vice versa, within the time after sunset.

This type of fish like carp, has a good klёvom directly after spawning will take place. Catching carp in July, it is best to close to the shore, where vegetation dominates. Basic fishing tackle in this case – this is a common Float rod. The main nozzle – manure worm, caddis, maggot. Also effective nozzles can be considered as bread, rolled up into a small ball, unleavened dough, cereal. It should be noted that carp refers to the type of fish, for which the hot July days, by contrast, are the best time for a good boron. If we take into account the fact that the crucian carp and carp species are closely related, the same conditions are favorable for carp fishing in July. Carp fishing methods virtually indistinguishable from the carp fishing methods. read

Bream fish that takzhemozhno catch in July. Optimal places where dwells bream, of course, should be considered as the river area with a predominance of sandy bottom. And the greatest preference bream gives places deep, with steep banks. Donka and float rod is tested means by which manages to catch bream. As a nozzle for catching this species of fish often used rainwater or manure worm. A favorite delicacy of bream can also be considered steamed peas, with a lot depends on the quality of the parks. Bream experienced fishermen in July, and not only in July, usually catch the pre lures the place where it is supposed to catch. As foods are well suited sunflower meal.Fertilizing is usually scatter in the place of the future of fishing at night and early in the morning, before sunrise, fishing begins.

The popularity and widespread fish considered a roach. July month to catch roach and not the most favorable, but nevertheless, you can catch roach and in July . Roach, this is the kind of fish, which is found in the rivers and in lakes. Typically, the most favorable habitat for this species of fish are the places of rivers and lakes with a low current. The optimal time for catching roach, it is morning and evening hours. Caught well enough to float the bait. As the nozzle roach loves moth, maggot, worm, steamed wheat. Sometimes there are moments when we manage to get to a school of this type of fish. Then catch turns rich enough.

Fast flow and river rapids – are places that can be considered as the optimal place to organize a fishing trip on the chub. Chub in addition to the rapid flow, and prefers overgrown with bushes and trees shore. These places are a kind of food source for this species of fish. The thing is that on the branches of bushes and trees, many different insects dwell. Often the wind, some insects are blown into the water and thus become prey chub. Almost throughout the summer, including the month of July, in such areas could always be arranged fishing for chub. Fishing gear that caught chub, usually a spinning, float rod, and other accessories.Nozzle standard, manure worm, bloodworm, steamed peas, steamed wheat. Furthermore, it can be successfully used as a nozzle of the same insect, grasshoppers, caterpillars, beetles different.

Hot July will not be an obstacle for catching ide, if we apply certain methods of fishing and to know the habits of the fish. River backwaters, weak current, slightly covered with mud of the river bottom – this is the perfect place, where it can be driven yaz.Iz gear for fishing in the ide can be used quite a wide range of devices, including a standard bait and spinning. Caught ide best tips such as peas, steamed, stewed wheat, manure worm, the larvae of the May beetle. Fishing on the ide is substantially similar to the same process when caught chub. In fact, tackle, bait and monotonous nozzle used for these two species. more

Here, approximately, thus identified based on the above principles catching fish of various species, it may be organized in July, fishing. July, of course, can not be considered the best period in order to be able to get a good catch. However, a good rest for the angler, it will probably be provided in July. And with respect to fishing can say, it all depends on how all the fishing opportunities to be used correctly. Well prepared bait, fishing successfully chosen place, a varied attachment, as well as the use of different fishing methods, either way, will help to ensure that the catch and have a pretty good catch. In general, as expressed by experienced fishermen, fishing is no bad weather. At any time of the year for a good fisherman there are no restrictions in the catch, the main thing to know when and how to catch. So, good luck to all those for whom fishing is not an empty phrase.

Hunting least

Rules for safety in hunting and handling of a hunting weapon

Most types of hunting is carried out with the use of hunting weapons, which represents a source of increased danger, therefore, every hunter must know and comply strictly with the rules of safety in hunting and handling of a hunting weapon.

Never, under any conditions, the hunter must avoid violation of these rules and faithfully keep in mind that compliance with them – it is a guarantee not only of his personal safety, but also to guarantee the security of other citizens. read here

Code Hunter:

  • Remember, hunters hunting and recreation are equal.
  • Honor and respect the traditions of hunting and of older hunters.
  • Be honest, kind, sympathetic and considerate teammates on the hunt.
  • Do not forget: mutual respect and – the basis of a hunting friendship.
  • Observe the rules of hunting and safety when handling a hunting weapon.
  • Do not harm the environment, and the word business.
  • Not producing animals for fun and whim.
  • Do not let the cruelty and unnecessary torment animals.
  • hunter Principle: “shoot do not regret, and regret not shoot.”
  • Enhances the skills and knowledge of the hunter and shooting accuracy.
  • Respect the social, public and private property more


Basic safety rules for handling a hunting weapon.

– The main condition for safety in handling hunting weapons and the use of hunting weapons hunting is knowing the types and methods of hunting using hunting weapons, solid knowledge and cleaning service in madisonof safety rules when handling the hunting weapon and strict discipline of all the hunters in the manufacture of hunting.
– Hunting weapons and ammunition must be stored in conditions that exclude access to and use of other persons, especially children. Weapons must be kept in good condition and kept uncharged, preferably disassembled and ammunition locked. Best of all arms and ammunition stored in a special metal box under lock and key.
– Shooting and finding a loaded gun in the settlements, as well as in close proximity to them is prohibited. click
Note. Zeroing hunting guns must be carried out in places specially designated for this purpose or in an organized manner in areas with a natural fence (ravines, ditches, etc.), or in some cases, in places, well viewed at the distance of flight of the projectile (charge ). If you want to exhibit outposts.
– Do not leave hunters and stay in the hunt with a defective weapon.
– A hunter is obliged to handle a gun as if it is always loaded and ready to fire. Do not aim the gun at a person or a pet, even if it is not loaded. Weapons hunter must be held so that gun barrels were always directed away from people, animals or buildings. When the loading or discharge the gun should be directed to the trunks up or into the ground, turning away from the other hunters.
– Do not transfer to another hunter rifle, not previously examined and discharged him. Picking up a gun, you must first of all make sure that it is unloaded.
– Do not cock the hammers without having to make an immediate shot, bezkurkovoe weapons to keep an open fuse.
– When traveling on all modes of transport weapons must be in bags or disassembled.
– For short journeys within land, as well as when traveling by boat on the pond while hunting, and follow to the hut and the ambush is allowed to keep a gun collected, but not necessarily discharged and trunks pointing upwards or sideways from the people nearby.
– when addressing hunting barriers – ditches, hedges, windbreaks, passing on the treasure through the rivers, streams arms must always be discharged.
– in order to avoid the shot, directed at himself, should never pull out the weapons collected by the barrel of the boats, carts, sledges, machines.
– in the approach to the village, the place of halt , the collection, the machine gun, be sure to discharge.
– on a halt arms should hang on a robust, larger than life support, strong knot of wood, pre-discharge gun and convinced of the fortress bitch tree or other support.Particular caution should be observed when a hunter shooting.
– In the bush, the bush and the closed areas is prohibited shooting at a bird soaring below 2.5 meters. It is forbidden to shoot at the “noise”, “whisper” for unclear apparent purpose, in the fog, in heavy snow at dusk, the sun and other conditions of poor visibility.
– Firing a bullet, even from shotguns and buckshot and large numbers shot the hunter must make with extreme caution and only after ensuring that no shots in the direction of people or pets.
– it must be remembered that bullets fired from a shotgun, danger at a distance of one kilometer, buckshot at 400-500 meters, large room shot up to 200-300 meters, as well as the fact that the bullet ricochets and give a fraction of the trees or frozen ground, and even in a dense forest often go a long distance without hitting the trees or natural obstacles.
– When shooting, the hunter must always remember that in Wetlands may be other hunters, hikers, skiers and people that produce agri-tural work, logging, grazing, picking mushrooms and berries.
– When a group running hunting on rough terrain, in the forest, reeds, bushes should be especially careful in the manufacture of shot. Strictly abide by the direction, constantly maintain auditory and visual communication with other hunters.
– When shooting in particularly smokeless powder, in the case of misfire hunter does not immediately open the gun, because it happens that the powder from the capsule ignites slowly and may occur so-called “protracted” shot gun in the open. After the gun misfires can be opened after 3-5 seconds.
– In the event of a fall or rifle hunter with a gun should immediately unload the gun and make sure that in the barrel did not get the land, snow, leaves, grass.Otherwise, the shot at the hammered the ground, snow, grass or leaf stems can occur rupture or blow-up trunks and even the wounded hunter. After contact with the ground or snow in the barrel must be cleaned trunks immediately.
– After the shot should be checked every time, there is not there in the channels wads shafts, seals, pieces of broken shells. This guarded the gun barrel of a broken and a hunter from possible injury.
– Never finish a rifle butt wounded animal or a bird. When you hit with a rifle butt on the ground may occur a shot aimed at the hunter.
– If the cartridge is not in the chamber (damp, non-calibrated, inflated sleeve), you should never force it shall be sent into the chamber, and even more score. This is dangerous, as shot may occur when you open the gun. The cartridge should be carefully removed from the chamber and replaced by others.
– If the gun does not close due to bad the primer supplied in capsule socket liner, then such a cartridge should be replaced by another. Closing the gun force in this case may lead to inflammation of the capsule, the shot at the open gun and seriously wounded hunter. If a loaded cartridge is not pulled out of the chamber extractor, it is necessary, closing the gun, make a shot. Spent cartridges will be easily removed. In the case when you open a gun sleeve head slipped through the extractor and cartridge left in the chamber, it is necessary to separate the barrels of guns pads, unscrew the screw extractor, remove or eject a cartridge by means of the cut rod, cleaning rod and manual extractor.
– When the cross break Papkova sleeve , part of which remains in the barrel, further shooting out of the barrel is not allowed. Entrenched part of the liner must be removed extractor. It is not allowed at the same time the shooting of two trunks of a double-barreled shotgun. In order to avoid double shot and injured fingers should never lay in the bracket on the triggers simultaneously two fingers.
– Extreme caution should be observed by hunters when shooting from a boat. Absolutely unacceptable shooting from a boat by rowing or other hunters are in the boat.
– On an unstable boat can not shoot while standing, as well as in a direction transverse to the side of the boat. The boat can easily capsize.
– When shooting standing, even with a stable boat, you can not shoot at the game, taking off across the sides or rear. As a consequence of the impact can be dropped into the boat or overboard, with the gun in his hand, ready to fire from the second barrel.
– When changing the rowers and archers, as well as all the transitions in a boat hunting rifle discharged. Going by boat performed without weapons. When the transition is complete, the hunter transferred his unloaded gun.
– Firing production rowers is allowed.
– When moving the boat to places of hunting rifle hunting discharged as reliable, in order to avoid their slip and fall, are stacked at the bow or stern of the boat to the direction of the barrel in the direction of from being in the boat people.
– For collective hunt, each hunter must be especially careful and aware of the specific conditions of the hunt, depending on the objects and methods of hunting and nature of the terrain and so forth, and to comply strictly with safety regulations for handling weapons in collective hunts..
– Head of the team, the gamekeeper or the organizer of hunting before hunting any obligation to carry out with the hunters instruction on safety in the production of the hunting and the hunters give clear guidance on the procedure for its implementation and features of shooting in the hunting conditions. Before hunting and when hunting is strictly forbidden the use of alcoholic beverages. Individuals intoxicated hunting is not allowed. A hunter with a gun, who is at least a slight degree of intoxication is dangerous to others.
– Hunting Heads, rangers, Team have committed conduct hunts without instruction on safety, but also allowed to participate in the hunting party in a drunken state, are personally responsible for violation of safety during hunting.

Basic safety rules for organizing and holding the battue hunting.

– Battue hunts are called collective hunting with paddocks of wild animals to the ambush shooters (rifle line).
– An important security condition during battue hunting is a clear knowledge of safety, strict observance of the rules of discipline and unquestioning compliance by all parties to hunt huntsman orders, hunting manager or chief (senior) team. Battue hunting carried out only under conditions of good visibility, with the onset of full-dawn mist gathering or termination of a heavy snowfall. Carrying battue hunts at dusk, fog, heavy snow and in other conditions of poor visibility is prohibited.
– Before the start of the hunting team, together with the head of the head of the hunt is carried out safety training, organization and procedure of hunting. Instruction is carried out on receipt of all the participants in the hunt.
– Those without hunting or membership of hunting tickets to participate in battue hunting is not allowed.
– Upon arrival at the hunting hunting head position sets clear signals – the beginning of the pen, the end of hunting, gathering and others.
– Without the permission of hunting manager to leave voluntarily the assembly point, to make any other hunt, shoot and noise is prohibited.
– The salary of the animal, the choice of place of the pen, the rifle line numbers determined hunt leader, together with the chief (senior) team.
– paddock beast on shooters made usually Jäger composition. In cases where not enough rangers, beaters may be appointed head of the team from the team of hunters. At the same time the hunters are instructed on how to conduct the pen.
– Beaters in salary infest forester or his deputy, who is familiar with the hunting place, salary position and shooting line.
– On the beast beaters Shooting in the paddock is forbidden.
– As an exception allowed hunting on the animal in pen when beaters are one or two rangers or hunters with dogs and dog stopped the beast. Shooting may only be in the direction of the shooting line.
– If an animal is stopped dogs approach him for shooting can to resolve Head hunting only the huntsman and a skilled hunter, as a rule, the owner of the dog.
– To approach the beast must be careful, both – the huntsman and hunter – with just one hand and be extremely careful when firing on the beast, as dogs are in close proximity to the beast. Shooting can be carried out in the direction opposite from the line of shooters. All other hunters must remain strictly in place and be prepared to make an aimed shot at the beast has left on them. Shoot the beast, which chase the dog must be with extreme caution, since in the vicinity of the animals are dogs.
– The arrows on the numbers rifle line are placed head hunting, huntsman, or in agreement with them, the head of the team.
– Along the edges (on the flanks ) shooting line if necessary exposed outposts to prevent penetration of the salary and Rifle line by unauthorized persons and pets.Rifle line should be built in a straight line as much as possible and be well marked on the ground (firebreak road, forest edge, gra-Nice forest, etc.).
– Shooting rooms should be located from one another at a distance, which is determined in conjunction with the head hunting head of the team, depending on the type of animal, on which there is a hunting ground, used dan-term hunting weapon and ammunition.
– Head hunting or the chief (senior) teams are placed on the numbers should indicate the arrows location adjacent rooms and the direction of the pen .
– Each shooter standing in the room, need to know exactly the location of the neighboring rooms and all the shooting line. To this end, the adjacent arrow to camouflage on the numbers should show each other where they are.
– To change the number, to choose the place and go to the room before the end of the paddock is strictly prohibited, unless the hunter must provide immediate help in distress to someone.
– Head hunting or team manager, huntsman, putting shooters on the numbers should show them the direction of the shooting and shelling sector both inside the salary, and in case of break of the beast through the rifle line, back of Rifle line.
– Borders fire sectors should be well marked notable trees or other local subjects and be with the shooting line angle is not less than 45 degrees. The special attention to defining the fire sector shall be paid for those rooms, which, if necessary, are placed on the bend (break) shooting line.
These hunters indicated a more limited sector and secure the line of fire with a clearly visible landmarks or defined sector of fire is the salary (for line shooters), and then the shooting is only allowed by the exit of the beast behind the line of shooters.
– Hunter room must observe absolute silence, do not move, do not smoke, be very careful, and from the beginning to the end of the pen carefully review the area and sector of his firing in the direction of the intended release the beast and shot.
– Standing on the number, the hunter must charge the gun, carefully inspect and examine its arc of fire, identify benchmarks to determine the distance and possible places of occurrence in the animal sector, where you can shoot. Inspect the area and shooting line to determine the locations and the possibility of firing on the outgoing beast.
– Hunter with numbers can go only after the signal head of the team or the head of the hunt on the pen end.
– The signal on the pen end ( “End”) served the team manager or supervisor hunting and transmitted by sharpshooters chain. Signal, according to the agreement, can be enjoyed in the hunting horn, a voice, a missile or on the radio.
– Before the signal on the pen end of the hunter does not make noise, talk, go places, even in the case if they are left beaters.
– After the signal on the end of the pen ( “end”), every shooting categorical-skiing is prohibited.
– Shooting in the battue hunts is done according to the established rules in the farms or into the salary or the exit of small animals line. A break of the beast through the rifle line or when approaching the beaters to the shooting line is closer than 150 meters, shooting is only back on the output of the beast for Rifle line.
– Shooting along the shooting line outside the sector is strictly prohibited.
– Shot on the shooting line is considered to be shot if the shell or part of the projectile passed at a distance closer than 10 meters from the next room.
– The shooter must shoot at the beast only within the correct shot and explicit recognition of the beast.
– shoot to “noise”, “whisper”, the place of fluctuations branches, bushes by vague flicker purpose is strictly forbidden.
– beaters at the approach to the shooting line should be more frequent and louder their voice, and with shots on the line have to stop, to strengthen the supply of voice and opportunity to hide behind the trunks of thick trees, if shots close to the paddock.
– Shooting raids on permitted only for the beast, which is held on the hunt. Any other shooting, in addition to shooting the wolf, without special orders of head hunting is not allowed.
– When hunting ungulates their production must be carried out strictly in an amount according to the existing permit (license).
– If after the shooting the hunter or beater saw the beast down and does not rise or is seriously injured, and permit (license) for the shooting of the animal species of the team, only one, the hunter or beater should voice loudly to signal “Ready!”. This signal is immediately transmitted to other hunters and beaters for the entire line of shooters. The signal “Ready!” It is both the end of the hunting team ( “Lights out!”) and the termination of any shooting. If hunting is carried out simultaneously in several animal species, hunter or beater during shooting of the beast should signal “Ready!” with the addition of animal species, such as “Ready moose!”. In this case, allowed to continue to hunt, but shoot only on other animals, to shoot that the team has a permit (license).
– When battue hunts elk, deer, wild boars and bears the firing of shotguns being bullets at a distance of a true shot, within 50 meters, and from the rifle is not more than a distance-blank set for a particular type of weapon and ammunition. Firing buckshot at round-ups can be done by wolves, lynx, deer, and in some cases by a wild boar.
– Shooting a round bullet in the battue hunts is prohibited, as this shell gives the greatest opportunity to rebound in the sliding contact with the trees, the frozen soil or other obstacles.
– to avoid the danger of death is strictly forbidden to go to the rooms, to rush to the fallen, killed, wounded, or departing to the beast until the end of the pen and the signal “end”.
– Pursuit of a wounded animal is allowed only after the raid with the permission of hunting Head.
– Head hunting together with the chief (senior) team define the procedure transoms wounded beast.
– Charge the gun on battue hunts arrow may only be getting to room. Stepping off the number, the shooter is required to discharge the gun.
– Shooting a beast, going to the next room, not allowed. Permission is shooting the beast, departing from the next room, with the shooting line.
– Do not shooting the beast fallen from shot another hunter, unless it is clear that the animal can not get up.
– To approach the fallen beast, even a lay movement, should be from the back with a gun, ready to fire. It should be borne in mind that often the beast seemingly killed, is still alive and has enough power to throw him to the approaching hunter.
– When approaching the beast should follow the position of the ears and the wool in the blood on the back of his neck. If the ears are pressed against the beast, and the hair on the back of his neck lifted, the animal is still alive and dangerous. Having discovered this, it is necessary, without going to the beast close perforation of additional intervals it.
– The rights and duties of the chief (senior) team.
– Hunters participating battue hunting choose from among its members the initial-nick (senior) team, which may be the most experienced hunter, well knowing battue hunting and enjoys credibility with the participants hunting. All participants of the hunt must unconditionally comply with the requirements and instructions of the chief (senior) team in respect of discipline, organization-tion and for hunting, recreation and performing safety for the entire period of the hunting.
– The chief (senior) team monitors the precise execution of the order and rules of hunting discipline in transit, based in staging areas and in the hunt all the team members.
– in conjunction with the hunt leader team manager before the start of the hunt shall inform hunters characteristics of the hunting place of the pen, the shooting line, the terrain, the salary and shooting beast. Checks for hunting tickets, marks the surrender ohotminimuma and permits police authorities for weapons in all participating hunters hunting.
– Held in conjunction with the head hunting briefings, highlighting beaters, determines the order and placement of the shooters shooting the toss rooms. Check the technical condition of the participants weapons battue hunting. Hunters with a faulty weapon and low-quality ammunition for small rooms are not permitted.
– The chief (senior) as directed by the hunting team leader can breed hunters numbers and point shooters firing sectors and shoot shooters with rooms on the raid ended.
– Together with the hunting team leader Head sets and explain to the participants the necessary signals hunting, as well as other conditions and hunting requirements.
– The chief (senior) team monitors the implementation of strict rules of hunting parties battue hunting and safety.
– Solves other issues raised at the site. Solutions head of the team, if they do not contradict the present rules and regulations of the production of hunting in the hunting economy, are mandatory and are performed by all hunters team members implicitly.
– The chief (senior) team has the right to deny participation in the hunt violators of discipline and safety regulations.
– Together with the head hunting of accounting documents to conduct the hunt in the form set out in the farm.

The rights and duties of the head battue hunting.

– Prepare, direct organization and conduct of hunting performed hunting leader who is a hunting expert, ranger, head management, area, another employee of hunting, expert, forester, an experienced hunter who knows the place of hunting and of battue hunting.
– Head hunting is responsible for preparation and conduct of battue hunting, and his instructions regarding the order of hunting and safety mandatory for all team members.
– Before hunting hunting leader gives instructions on how to conduct the upcoming hunting and safety. After a briefing every hunter sign the list of participants in hunting safety knowledge and commitment to strictly implement it.
– Head hunting organizes and carries out a preliminary exploration hunting sites, the presence of the beast, and his transitions. Along with determining the presence of an animal in salary (the pen) is checked whether in salary (pen) people and pets. If unable to remove the salary (pen) to unauthorized persons or pets salary (the pen) is moved to other lands.
– If the prospective salaried (pen), or in the immediate vicinity are manufactured forestry or other work, hunting raid at this point is not made.
Head battue hunting:
– determines the start and end of the hunting and responsibilities of each hunting party;
– makes alignment of shooters on the number indicates each hunter arrow fire sector, the location of the neighboring rooms, the location of the shooting line and the direction of the pen;
– instructs beater, direct salary and a shelter and provides fixed signals the beginning of the pen and its termination;
– organize the persecution and “transoms” wounded animal.
After the hunt, together with the head of the team hunting leader conducts a discussion of hunting, said positive and negative aspects of hunting, paying particular attention to the committed team members errors if they occur.
in all cases of serious breach of safety rules of hunting the head of a protocol or an act to be passed to the relevant organizations for the adoption of measures of influence established by the offender.

Responsibility for violation of the rules battue hunting and safety. click here

– All participants hunting imposed the strictest responsibility for clear and strict implementation of and compliance with safety engineering standards and its obligations under the present rules, as well as compliance with the rules in force in this sector, established by the administration of the economy and the local hunting management bodies.
– The members of the team, violated the rules, ineligible for further participation in hunting and chief team immediately suspended from participation in hunting safety.
– occurring violations of safety and hunting regulations are considered the primary organization of hunting parties hunting, and the offender used the established measures of liability, depending the severity of the violation.
– In case the violation of safety rules and hunting led to the detriment of the health of participants in hunting and other people as well as material damage to citizens and households, the perpetrators are liable under the law. This should be organized guarding the scene prior to arrival of employees of the Interior or other authorized persons.
– Individuals who violate the hunting rules are liable to establish the liability.

Hunting with dogs.

During the hunt for finding, stalking and catching wild animals and birds are allowed to use hunting dogs. All dogs that are a hunter in the hunting grounds, should be included in the hunting license or a certificate of registration in the veterinary supervision authorities.
Terms of use of hunting dogs of different breeds and how they nataski and nagonki established by local rules of hunting.
It must be remembered that if the hunting dog stole animals outside of hunting in which the hunter has the appropriate permissions for the right to hunt, the search dogs and response to the other areas it must be with the discharged and the disassembled gun.
dog owners are legally responsible for damage caused to state hunting fund their dogs, except in cases nataski nagonki and conducted in accordance with established procedure.

Hunting for wild hoofed animals

In Kazakhstan, the hunting of wild ungulates is only under license. When collective hunting license must be in charge of shooting the person (the senior team, foreman).
Responsible for the shooting must:
– obtain a license to verify the correctness and completeness of the graph the front of the license;
– to issue in due order the permit to shoot the animal;
– before hunting check all team members the existence and validity of the membership (hunting) tickets and permission of internal affairs bodies to carry a weapon and not allowed to participate in the hunt for those without the necessary documents, except for the candidates to members of the society of hunters and fishermen and members of sections of young hunters;
– make a list of participants in hunting with the date of the hunting license and the permit numbers, animal species, name, surname and patronymic of hunters, number of primary organizations and the names of district hunters society where hunters are registered;
– to instruct the safety and order of hunting and see to it that all hunters signed the list of hunting parties;
– after the shooting of the animal prior to export, or butchering carefully fill out the back of the license;
– in the case of an animal injured (on the trail there was blood or have other contact features) prior to further prosecution to make a mark on the wound in the license and arrange transoms wounded animal, which is given one day, excluding the day of injury;
– in the case of perestrela (production of animals in excess of the in the amount of the license) or shooting the animal of the opposite sex, or shooting an adult animal under license, issued for shooting calves up to 1 year, make a mark in the license for shooting game.
together with other hunters draw up a statement about the incident and send it together with a license and a list of the bodies gosohotnadzora hunters or hunting management administration. Arrange delivery of goods from the mined in these cases, the animals in the procurement organizations.
In pursuit of a wounded animal the hunter is allowed to cross the Hunting of the border and go to the neighboring place of shooting hunting grounds, after making a mark on a wounded animal in the license.
Terms of hunting of wild ungulates are set by local hunting regulations.

Hunting for fur animals.

Necessary documents for the hunting of fur-bearing animals for the hunter-lover is a voucher, and when hunting license types: sable, beaver, otter, moreover, requires a contract with the procuring entity for the surrender of their skins. The contract specifies the limit for the number of licensed fur-bearing animals that the hunter has the right to get to the hunting season.
Production unlicensed fur-bearing animals is not limited by quantitative norms and is not regulated by the number of hunting days per week.
In the hunting grounds the administration management has the right to determine when the hunting of hares and badger days closed for hunting, as well as the limits of these beasts production rules for one hunter per hunting day.
You must know that in the event of inadvertent production of fur on the taking of which the hunter was not a permit or in the case of inadvertent production of licensed kinds of fur animals in an amount in excess of the contract, the hunter must make the agreement a record of unintentional extraction or overfishing. After the release of a portion of the hunt immediately made aware of the hunting supervision of public service employee incident and handed over to the procuring organization skins of animals belonging to the species subject to compulsory delivery to the state. The extraction moles, chipmunks, ground squirrels (except gopher-sandstone), hamster permitted without the membership card and hunting permits. The specific procedure and terms of obtaining fur animals established by local rules of hunting.

Hunting for game birds.

List of types of hunting and the specific terms of the spring, summer and autumn and autumn-winter hunting for game birds are determined by local hunting regulations. The summer-autumn hunting wildfowl with cops breed dogs and spaniels can be opened for three weeks sooner than the general terms of hunting. In the hunting grounds the administration has the right to install facilities closed to the days of hunting and limit production rate of game birds per hunter per day. From September 15, all the rules of game birds production canceled, except for the places, where the path of the mass migration of waterfowl.

Hunting with birds of prey.

The right to hunt with birds of prey in the territory of Kazakhstan of all citizens who have attained 16 years of age and are members of the Society of Hunters.
Certificate for Operators of falconry is hunting, or a membership card with a note on payment of the fee and the permit issued in accordance with established procedure. In this hunt production norms and closed to hunting days are not installed. Permission to capture and keeping of birds of prey hunters can obtain in the relevant local authorities.

Regulation of the number of animals damaging Hunting.

On the territory of Kazakhstan is subject to regulation in the course of the year the number of wolves, gray crows and stray mongrel dogs and cats. Production of these animals without the use of firearms, special drugs, as well as loops and traps is permitted for all citizens. Hunter amateur has the right to shoot these animals for any legal finding in the grounds with a gun. By special permission of bodies of state hunting supervision hunters permitted the shooting of these animals throughout the year, to apply for their production of motor vehicles, small-caliber weapons, traps, loops, network samolovy, tape recorders, as well as special products in strict accordance with the instructions for their use.
pedigree dogs and cats that are in the hunting grounds further 200 meters from settlements without owners considered stray. Hunting dogs and other dogs are in the hunting grounds with the owners, shooting can not be.

Responsibility for violation of hunting regulations.

Persons who violate the hunting rules, in accordance with applicable law subject to administrative, criminal, and in the event of damage gosohotfondu illegal extraction of wild animals to civil liability.
These can also be used measures of social influence and disciplinary sanctions. Flagrant violation of rules of hunting are:
– hunting without members of hunting and fishing of the ticket or an invalid ticket;
– hunting is the timing of hunting for the animal species;
– hunting in prohibited areas (reserves, sanctuaries);
– hunting without a license for wild hoofed animals and brown bear;
– hunting without a contract for licensed kinds of fur-bearing animals.
in addition, each hunter must be remembered that strictly prohibited trapping or shooting of wild animals listed in the Red book of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A list of these species in the area, should be clarified before hunting in local hunting regulations.
In case of damage to state hunting fund on the territory of state reserves the damage is estimated at double the rate. During excavation brood burrows badgers, foxes, Korsakov, raccoon dogs, marmots, otters, wild rabbit, as well as the destruction of homes muskrat and beaver dams and beaver damage is collected three times the amount of the claim for the special of the corresponding species. The damage caused by illegal extraction of species listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan is calculated by a special taxi.

Extracts of the Charter of the regional public organization of hunters and fishermen

Regional public organization of hunters and fishermen (hereinafter the “Company”) a voluntary, self-governing, non-profit, sports organization, bringing together citizens interested in hunting, sport fishing, environmental issues, protection and reproduction of fauna, united on the basis of joint activity to protect the common interests and goals. The Company in its activity does not make a profit.
The objectives of the Company are:
– the organization of leisure, hunting, fishing, sports, eco-tourism, outdoor activities of members of the Company, the protection of their rights and interests; – Education of the members of the feelings of respect for nature and its riches.

Membership in the Society.

Rights and obligations of members of the Company.
– Members of the Society can be citizens over 18 years, as well as foreign citizens and stateless persons, legal entities – public associations wishing to engage in hunting and fishing, and sharing the requirements of this Charter.
– In sections (clubs, youth associations) young hunters may engage persons who have reached 14 years of age. Youth clubs (clubs, youth groups) are based on the regulations approved by the Company’s Board of Directors.
– Reception of citizens and legal entities – public associations is made by the Management Board on the basis of their written application. The Management Board’s decision is final.
– Persons wishing to engage in hunting and fishing, are accepted by the Company after the exam for hunting and fishing a minimum (testing according to the rules of hunting, hunting safety, handling of hunting weapons). Persons wishing to be engaged only in fishing and hunting dog breeding, are accepted by the Company on a common basis. Reception (surrender) exam (test) is made by the Commission in the Management Board (city, county, district, municipality, etc.).
– Members of the Company, after payment of the state fee, a membership issued hunting and fishing license. It is valid to enter the hunting and fishing is maintained until March 31 next year.
– Members of the Company may be awarded the title “Honorary Member of the Society” with the award of an honorary badge. Members of societies of hunters and fishermen Ruspubliki Kazakhstan and foreign countries are accepted as a member of the Company without paying an entrance fee to the preservation of seniority.Contributions shall be paid in the same size as that of members of the Society. Members of the public have the right to: – elect and be elected to the governing and auditing bodies of the Company; – to make proposals on the activities of the Company; – to participate with the right to vote, in meetings of primary organic organizations; – use of the equipment owned by the Company; – to participate in all events held by the Company; – to use pre-emptive right to acquire the hunting, fishing and other products in the Company’s stores; – engage in hunting and fishing in accordance with the hunting law; – Purchase in the prescribed manner of hunting (civilian) weapons; . – To exercise other rights arising from the present Charter and the Company bodies’ decisions Member of the Company is obliged to: – comply with the requirements of this Statute, decisions of the governing bodies of the Company; – timely payment of contributions and the state fee; – actively and systematically contribute to solving the statutory objectives of the Company; – to observe rules of hunting, fishing, as well as the acquisition, storage, use and registration of hunting weapons; – to conduct educational work with violators of the rules of hunting and fishing, as well as with individuals and organizations that are harmful to nature and wildlife; . – to promote the public respect for nature and its riches, sporting achievements, explain the goals and objectives of the Company . for active participation in the Company’s Company member activities can be encouraged by membership in the Company may be terminated in the following cases: – output of the Company at his own request; -. social exclusion social exclusion is made in cases of violation of the Charter, including the non-payment before July 1 of this year without a valid excuse membership fees, as well as in cases where a member of the Company’s actions discredit the Society. Persons who have withdrawn or excluded from the Company’s contributions are not returned. The decision to expel a member of the Society is valid if voted for by more than half of the Board members. The Management Board’s decision is final. On the expulsion of the Company reported to the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Interior. In areas that are relevant society, which are branches of the Company and acquire the rights of legal entity from the moment of state registration, in accordance with current legislation. The basic element of society is the primary organization (hunting groups). They are created with at least 10 members of the Society, working in the same enterprise, institution, regardless of ownership, enrolled in the same school, living on the territory of the local government. The primary organizations (hunting groups) work under the supervision of the Management Board or the department, which includes, in accordance with the Charter and the Regulations on them approved by the Company’s Board. more

Choosing a hunting dog

Currently, significantly decreased the number of dog breeds that are kept exclusively for hunting. Most of the hunting dogs moved into the category of pets. Yet, when choosing a dog for hunting, it should be borne in mind that their hunting instinct is still quite preserved. Let’s look at how to choose a dog that will not only pets, but also a reliable helper on the hunt. more info

Choosing a puppy
. Acquiring a puppy is best at the age of thirty-five or forty days
Regardless of the breed of hunting dogs, each acquired puppy must meet the following requirements:
1. The puppy should be a thoroughbred, to confirm that a puppy must be pedigree statement.
2. Parents puppy must have an estimate of the exterior (outdoor type) obtained at the exhibition, not lower than “good”, which to some extent provides a puppy (under normal growing conditions) as good exterior.
3. Parents puppy should be field workers, t. E. Have a diploma field trials. This ensures that the puppy has acquired the necessary makings of hunting and the right’s education, training and nataske also be a good field worker.
4. The puppy must be physically healthy and well-fed, it is determined that the external cleaning service in madison. Healthy Puppy – mobile, it has a shiny (not fishy) scalp and whines.
5. The puppy should have a good appetite and have to be taught to feed yourself from bowls.
This should be checked on the spot before taking the puppy.
6. The puppy should not have obvious physical defects and waste that is also set his external examination. At the same time it draws attention to the typicality of color;eyes (whether cataracts), on its hind legs (whether dewclaws), on the teeth bite (whether explicitly malocclusion), on the tail, (if there is ugliness and if it is docked, if properly required for the breed), on tummy (whether the umbilical hernia).
To give preference to – Kobelkov or bitch? This question is often baffled by the novice hunter.
To solve it, we must remember that a well grown and properly delivered kobelek – always constant and faithful companion of the hunter-athlete.

Bitch Kobelkov previously adopted for the work of her puppies are available, but in times of pustovok, intrafamilial and feeding the puppies it is not suitable for hunting. read more

Selection of adult dog

When the hunter is not the necessary conditions for growing puppy, adult dog must be purchased.
By purchasing an adult dog, the hunter as well as when choosing a puppy, should ensure purebred dogs origin and presence of good exterior and field qualities of its parents. info
In order to evaluate the exterior of the acquired adult dog must be thoroughly inspected for at rest and in motion,
guided by the ” Description signs breeds of hunting dogs. ”
For error-free evaluation of hunting virtues acquired a dog, provided with it hunted, it is necessary to test it in the field, on the prowl, guided by the” Rules for testing hunting dogs. ”
in order to assess the dog’s exterior and its hunting qualities necessary have appropriate knowledge and experience, which the novice hunter can not be. In this case, you need to seek help from a person who knows the breed of dog and having acquired hunting experience with this breed of dogs.

To purchase a puppy or an adult bird dog can contact the nearest regional society of hunters.
In each regional society there is a section of blood dog, which leads in to intermarry records of all hunting dogs available to hunters – members of society and conducting breeding work with them.
On the basis of regional exhibitions of hunting dogs and field trials, as well as carrying out a brood of young and appraisal of the adult population, “the dogs in the section
are selected manufacturers, the selection of steam and is made poporodno plan matings hunting dogs. as a result of deliberate planning matings members section get a good breed young. section leads and keeping young and oversees its cultivation. Turning to the section of blood dog person or in writing to purchase a puppy or an adult dog section can always recommend one or another hunter who can sell a puppy or adult dog the desired breed. click more

How to choose a gun for hunting goose

Sooner or later, goose hunting practices make the hunter to get a proper insight into the weapons and that he needed a patron when hunting geese . New here is nothing, all have been studied and known. But, let’s understand the same, break it down, and to choose the right weapon for us was hunting geese.

On the hunt in the first place it is necessary to use all methods that could reduce the range of fire to a reasonable level. But in spite of personal experience, good quality half-shells and profiles, decoys, various shelters, often have to shoot at a distance of 50-60 m.

The complex shooting at a distance of a fraction?

The first thing usually face Kazakh hunters, this is something that not all weapons and ammunition, which are positioned as weapons and ammunition for the goose hunts are. If we talk about the most acceptable semi-automatic weapons to hunt geese , not every model that is sold in our stores is optimal for this purpose.

We could not explain this fact, it is already obvious. Hope for ammunition “magnum” and imported semi-automatic model often leads to frustration hunter, especially when hunting geese in the northern regions of Kazakhstan, where the bird more cautious. The problem is that the market is very little hunting cartridges of ammunition “Magnum” with characteristics suitable for effective hunting geese. As a result, we have increased out, chuck appreciation, depreciation of weapons and hunting low efficiency as a whole. By itself, an increase in sample fractions 46-50 g to not solve the problem, although it facilitates to some extent. It is necessary to focus as much as dentist Madison to the center of the scree shot when shooting at the limit (50-55 m) range, have a thickening coefficient scree shot to the center of the target of at least 2.5-2.9. It is this parameter is the coefficient of condensation to the center and makes your gun able to hit a goose at maximum shooting distance of the large numbers of the fraction. Choosing the right initial velocity, solid fraction, with a high content of antimony, competent combination of the primer and powder type allow you to have an cleaning service in madison hunter cartridge whenhunting geese .

Achieving high condensation coefficient values to the center of the shot debris, it must be remembered that such shooting cartridges requires good skills. When shooting at a distance of 30-35 meters can miss due to the fact that most of the shot shell has collected in the central part of the talus, and when shooting at a distance of 50-60 meters is needed is a good practice to take the right skills anticipation. Of course, these cartridges that have a good performance on the knockdown can be used far from any gun.

How to go hunting in Europe

Preparations and charges on the hunt – always very long and full of doubt part of the hunt. Where to go? Where to live?We find whether beast or fowl? What is the weather like? Take boots or not? Which cartridges and how much? The solution to all dentist Madison issues takes 1-2 weeks. Then, on Thursday or Friday night – leaving 3-5 hours by car or a night on the train, the device on the basis of, or in the house of the huntsman and … no, is not hunting, and many problems – huntsmen, beaters, dogs, snowmobiles, boats , skradke – everything has to be on time and in the right place. Finally, solving these problems and solving them in the course of hunting, you spend 2-3 days at his favorite pastime, and shoot a trophy or – more often – empty on Sunday night or Monday morning back home. Either something like this takes place most of the “hunting day off” for residents of large cities.

And it is – at long been familiar places in their home country. What can we say about going hunting in Europe? The question “where” just seems insoluble; to this is added the problem of visas, tickets, permits for weapons … And how much it will cost! And they have their own, European, tradition … You need a special weapon, clothes … No, it is easier to Petrovich again. Let the last two – three times returned empty, maybe this time lucky?

But let’s see if it’s really so difficult and expensive.

1) Selection of the country

Currently, the most popular (and we, in Western Europe) hunting in Eastern Europe – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria. High numbers game, good organization of hunting, hospitality, natural beauty and attractions – all this attracts hunters from Western Europe, and now also from Russia. The choice between these two countries do not difficult – if not personal preferences ( “I want to Hungary, 3 hunting days + 2 days in Budapest”), it is necessary to decide on the timing and the desired hunting trophy and choose from the options offered by us.

2) On the hunt and with whom to go?

In the summer (June-August) – trophy hunting of male roe deer and wild boar. In August – September – begin magnificent hunting “on roar” red deer and later – by the doe. These individual hunting, with the entrance and approach, in the evening – from the tower. Each hunter – a gamekeeper, in a car or horse cart. On such hunting can go and one, but often gather three or four friends – always nice for dinner to discuss the successes and trophies, and in the afternoon between the hunts to go walk to the nearest town. Living conditions (1-2-bed rooms with all amenities, excellent cuisine, beautiful places) make attractive these trips and for your loved ones – neohotnikov. Wives, girlfriends, and children can share with you the pleasure of the hunt and just relax, keep you company.

Since the end of August and in September, start hunting birds – grouse, duck. Where you can hunt and one – cleaning service in madison, with the approach and the company. Still later – October – start hunting for pheasant pens and corrals combined hunting, shooting a wild boar, roe deer, hare, pheasant. This is the only group of hunting, at least 6-8 people per group. As a rule, many friends from the same company does not intend, and strangers together. Accommodation in comfortable surroundings, exciting and productive hunting create the perfect atmosphere for communication enthusiastic people hunting.

3) Visas and a weapons permit

From you only require a valid passport and a weapons permit, if you want to go with your gun. All visas and permits takes on hunting agency is required to do at least two weeks.

4) The cost of hunting

A trip on the hunt in the central regions of the European part of Russia for 3-4 days with a standard set of services (accommodation, food, transportation, hunting, huntsmen services) costs 200 to $ 1,000 (or USD, if you like) – depending on the level management. Of course, you can go and almost free of charge – without maintenance, but the impact of such hunts, on average less than 10%. But Jaeger and maintenance of hunting efficiency in modern animal population usually does not exceed 30-50%, ie, to make sure to get the trophy, you have to go 2-3 times, spending a suitable amount of time and money on travel and hunting, and most importantly – the nerves in the preparation and organization of hunting. Not everyone can afford such a loss of time and effort.

The cost of a 5-day hunting tour (Thursday – flight, arrival in agriculture, can be the beginning of the hunt, Friday to Sunday – three days of hunting, Monday – the return to Russia) is the cost of tickets (220-450 dollars in the Eastern European countries. different countries), the actual cost of hunting (in Poland and Bulgaria -.. from 500-800 USD, in Hungary and Slovakii- from 600-900 dollars), and the cost of the bagged trophies, which is comparable or even lower than in Russia. To this must be added the cost of issuing visas, compulsory insurance, permits for import and export of weapons – all this results in an additional 150-200 dollars.

5) Weapons

Firstly, it does not necessarily carry with them his gun. In most cases, you can take the place of hire suitable weapon, which you can try before hunting. Secondly, if you prefer to shoot from her, loved, adjust, you need to consider a few points:

  • permission to export arms from Russia is made at least one month. This must be taken into account in the planning and ordering of hunting.

In most countries of hunting:

  • banned hunting of ungulates with shotguns (exception – bullet shooting deer and boar driven hunt, buckshot prohibited);
  • prohibited the use of hunting rifles with a caliber of less than 6.5 mm and 7.62×39 caliber – in hunting ungulates;
  • for most hunting is enough to use a rifle cartridge 7.62H51 (Win308), 30-06, 300 Win. Mag. with robust optics, allowing to shoot at dusk;
  • There are various restrictions on the purchase of ammunition for the rifle, so it is desirable to take with you. Of course, much depends on the hand, but at the individual hunting with an approach typically 5 trophies missing 15-20 rounds. In general, taking a 60-80 rounds (3-4 boxes), you can be absolutely quiet.

Europe: Peculiarities of National Hunting

The first and most unusual for us – voluntary and rigorously following the rules. Hunters do not have thoughts about the possibility of a female or young shoot at the wrong time to shoot two deer per license, etc. – All that, unfortunately, commonplace for us, for them – nonsense, and that the head can not come. Roe deer grazing just 50 meters from the village, pheasants living in the reeds in the midst of a small town, hares, playing in summer 10m from the road – a common and familiar sight.

The second – high numbers game. The main problem – not find an animal, and choose a worthy trophy, get close to him on the shot and the clean, beautiful shots without making a wounded animal, cleaning service in madison.

Third. As a rule, high level of professionalism and commitment rangers. You can be sure that in due time will be met, will be taken, fail, indicate a worthy trophy … and the rest is up to you and God.

. Fourth European traditions in the hunt: a sprig of lucky hat in hand, before the construction of hunting horns signal the beginning and end of the pen, a parade trophy hunting for the end – all in one way or another is present in each hunt.

Fifth. After paying for the hunt, you pay for accommodation, food, service rangers, hunting permits, initial processing of trophies. Trophies are paid in addition, their cost is determined depending on the size – the weight of the horns, the length of the canines. Hunter gets a trophy – the skull with horns or tusks. If you want to take with them the meat, the skin, or the whole carcass – it is an additional cost. Meat is the property of hunting and goes on sale to restaurants or exported.

What do we get as a result of this comparison? What are the advantages of hunting trips in European countries?

You are visiting the country to which, perhaps, would have liked to have gone and just a tourist trip – and then look at the new and the familiar, but liked the country and happy hunting.

You hunt in the grounds of the high number of game, with excellent preparation and organization of hunting. Towers stand, lined dressing, transport is provided, hunters are well aware lands and with all of this – you always see a lot of animals, you just choose what you want to get a trophy.

The probability of success is dentist Madison very differently than we do – without a trophy is almost impossible to leave. The only question is its size – you can all three days of chasing a record, and can shoot and trophies 3-5-10 medium size.

Accommodation in a cozy hunting lodge or a small hunting accommodation in rooms with all amenities, situated in a small village or in the forest. Excellent food, usually – with venison. The ability to go to the nearest town or castle, or just stroll through the beautiful places during the rest between hunts.

As the costs of hunting trip in Europe, of course, more expensive than travel to the surrounding area. But if you calculate how much it costs you to shoot a trophy – winning is precisely because the European hunt. And it is very difficult to estimate the money that feeling of security and comfort that you will experience on this hunt.

Let’s see how this goes round, for example, the hunting of deer and wild boar in Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. These countries are now at the peak of popularity – the high number and variety of game, good (focused on the Germans) the level of service, convenience of travel (2 hour flight to the capital, and 2-4 hours by car to any part of the country).Unfortunately, the tightening of the visa regime in Eastern Europe a bit complicated design entry – it takes at least a week.

So, you decided to go on a hunt, and even outlined the timeline. You call the agency were transported to the office, place an order and contract, pay organizational expenses, rent out all the necessary documents. Agency booking of the hunt, visas and permits for arms, to reserve tickets. Cost of the tour you pay by bank transfer or cash on the spot. With a need to have the appropriate amount of cash to pay for trophies, and personal expenses.

You are greeted at the airport of Warsaw (or Budapest), usually for 1-2 jeep or van and taken to the hunting lodge, where you will be placed during the hunt. The trip takes one and a half to three-four hours. You are placed in their rooms, dine.Drive up and head hunting huntsman, get acquainted with the hunters. On the same day, usually targeting guns, rented, or his – to be checked after the road. You may have time to even sit on the tower and then shoot wild boar or deer.

In the morning, 5-6 hours, in the dawn twilight – coffee and tea with sandwiches, fried eggs, some snacks, and leaving on the hunt, each hunter with his gamekeeper on a separate machine. Roe comes to feed on the open meadows and fields at twilight, and it is important to have time to catch her there before she leaves for the day in forest thickets. From a distance from the machine to see deer and finding a suitable male, huntsman You sneak up on him at a distance of a confident shot. The extracted roe immediately gutted and immediately after the hunt, since you will be brought to the hunting lodge, it will be taken to a special refrigerator and head ranger takes away the trophy for processing.

By 10-11 o’clock in the morning you go back for a hearty lunch and rest or walking, trips. Beginning in late August in the afternoon, you can hunt partridge, duck. In 15-16 hours – tea, a small snack and 16-17 hours – leaving for the evening hunt. By this time the deer begins to come out into the open, and in the evening twilight, and possible meeting with wild boars. But the best opportunity to get the wild boar – in the thick twilight, sitting in an ambush on the tower. Of course, the chances of success greatly increases the full moon and clear weather. In the darkness, in the 21-22 hours, you come back for a delicious and hearty meal, for which it is possible to discuss and celebrate the successes of the day hunting.

During hunting time flies imperceptibly. In the evening of the last day of hunting rangers bring you all the trophies had shot already boiled and peeled. All trophies are weighed and measured in your presence, filled with hunting protocols, all the necessary documents. As a rule, a farewell dinner is delayed for a long time.

In the morning you are taken to the airport, the necessary formalities with the weapon, boarding, and that you have met such familiar queue and the taxi drivers at the Sheremetyevo-2 and in front of the new work week. And you already want to go back to the wonderful and exciting world of hunting, and I am sure that you again and again go hunting in Europe.


Fishing – this is one of the most ancient methods of food production, which is engaged in a reasonable person. Of course, before fishing carried a purely practical interest, the person was primarily interested in how to feed themselves and their families. Now all quite different, and now fishing is a kind of hobby, a hobby, with the presence of sports motivation.

For each core fishing is different things. Some dream to beat all imaginable and unimaginable world records for size and number of fish caught. Others enjoy themselves fishing and enjoy the process, even when sitting on the beach, we have long hours to monitor the movement of the float on the water. However, all of these fishermen are united by one simple thing, fishing – it’s not just a pastime, a real vacation, all-consuming passion.It is a ritual, to the accomplishment of which every angler strives with all his soul.

But, however strange it dentist Madison sound, fishing is an art, which is necessary to study all his life.Not only to be able to perfectly use all sorts of gear for fishing and a thorough knowledge of all kinds of fish and the family. In addition, we must be able to choose the right place for fishing, to know the habits of fish. To help cleaning madison only skill that comes with experience.In other words, a good catch does not depend on the money given for gear or boats on the brand. Good catch depends on the fisherman’s ability to penetrate the secrets of nature, to understand the relationship in its processes. The fisherman must become one with its environment. Then, and only then he will achieve the desired result and can not only cook for lunch nourishing soup, but also to get a true delight and pleasure from the process of catching fish.





Speaking dry language, the meaning of hunting is stalking or pursuit of game and wild animals for their production. In fact, for connoisseurs of hunting season opening – it is a holiday, which begins at the stage of preseason. Acquiring the necessary cartridge and capsule, pour yourself a fraction, charge cartridges, clean the gun, to dentist Madison a backpack, check the equipment, but you never know even cases in this hunter. A sleepless night, when you can not sleep, and you bursting with joy inside that tomorrow you will go and meet up cleaning madison, hear the joyous yelps of dogs, which in the form of equipment just starting to go crazy.

But the process itself – a lucky shot and unfortunate mistake, or when with one shot you could kill two or three ducks, evening conversations around the campfire, under the clear sky and the fresh air – what could be more pleasant in these moments of your life. All this is incomprehensible force that makes every time we go on a hunting trail.


Hunting and fishing

Hunting and fishing are among the most ancient human occupation. Hundreds and thousands of years ago, harsh and strong men were returning from the hunt – tired but happy.Then, breath, telling hunting stories about the dangers of the road, and worthy trophies. And his eyes lit up boys -. Also future hunters

Today, in addition to a dentist Madison production, hunting and fishing can please their fans a unique video as a trophy. And by the way, videotrofei are no less curious than the actual production, and often cause no less interest.

Indeed, hunting and fishing make it possible to remove the unique video about life in the forest, and many cleaning madison of these types of recreation, along with other equipment take with them their “camera gun> – camera how many amazing spots and incredible situations was shot on camera phones.!

Thanks to technology is no need to widely raise hands showing production size: hunting and fishing may well be captured on video Moreover, evidence of a huge catch. You can put on the Internet – and many fishermen and hunters whistle envy affected incredible colleagues trophies.