Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?

Persistence – a continued ability to focus on anything. Young children usydity difficult to place a long time without being distracted. Curiosity activity and prevent preschooler focus on any one class. But in order to subsequently prevent problems with learning in school should teach a child discipline from an early age. Perseverance – is an important condition for success. If your child can not concentrate and keep patience, it will be difficult to learn the material. Constantly distracted and switch to other classes, it is impossible to achieve positive results in education.

Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Develop perseverance
Parents often believe that perseverance – a feature of the temperament of the child. But this quality can also be acquired knowledge. Teach your baby will not be distracted quite difficult. This requires a change in lifestyle, daily routine. In addition, this quality is made not once, but appears older. To develop perseverance, will require patience, endurance. It is necessary to try to change the child’s attitude to the events that occur around and you need to follow certain rules.
The conditions necessary for the development of perseverance
How to teach children perseverance and that it needs to do? In order to succeed in developing such useful qualities necessary to consider important points.
Compliance age classes
The kid, who was three years old, is unlikely to come to the delight of learning foreign languages. He was more like mobile games, classes designer or drawing. During the classes necessary to remove all unnecessary sight, turn off the TV. Even for adults it difficult to concentrate in class, they are quite uninteresting, but for active baby is even harder.

Completion begun
Reflecting on how to instill perseverance baby, first you need to start with yourself. The behavior of adults – is an example for the child. To teach the child to complete the work begun, you need to follow it and parents. Do not tackle something new, without completing the previous session. If this cleaning, it should not be done halfway. If the meal, it should be complete. Give your child understand that the implementation of any tasks should be qualitative. Do not forget to praise and criticize less.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Calm and patience
You can not blame a kid for what he is interested in something else during the current session. Young children do not understand this. Immunize diligence force will not work. Such methods only lead to the fact that the baby will stress, and this will worsen the situation further. Quiet benefit of parents and help cope with restlessness.
The absence of severe restrictions
Kids over the age of three or four years old, very interesting. All around them, is compelling interest. Do not restrict access to new knowledge. From the age of five can already require the child to be posydyuchym, at this age he can already concentrate.
Exercise and lessons
How to develop perseverance in extremely active toddler? Such children are very useful lessons and exercises, for which the necessary concentration and focus.
Play puzzles, designers, mosaics require perseverance. To get a good result child needs to work hard. For active children is a difficult task, but the result will please.

You can engage with the child reading. Listening to the story, focuses on child heard, is the story and the characters. Read often required. It relaxes and soothes. The child was easier to represent heroes should choose books with illustrations.
You can play with a child puppet theater. Let the kid selects a scene itself and the role that he likes the most.
Going in search of differences – is also a good way to learn to concentrate. Do not expect that everything will turn out right. At first, the child can not do without the help of parents. But over time this activity and capture him. It is important that the task was chosen for toddlers not to discourage impossible task.
Creative classes. Not every child likes to draw, but you can use alternative options. You can offer something to mold, to make application, mural, you can do weaving. Kids really like finger paint colors. You can spread out on the floor of a large sheet of paper and let your child leave traces on the hands and feet, draw colorful patterns. It captures restless toddler long. You can find many other interesting activities that will help to teach perseverance, and, in addition, contribute to the development of fine motor skills fingers.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Work – this is what helps develop patience and desire to achieve results. How to increase diligence in this way? Ask your child to help you around the house and each time praise and focuses on the results of his efforts.
Be prepared for the fact that not everything will be done just as you want, you might after that help you even have to work or collect the broken pieces. The main thing is not to anger the will to the baby not lost the desire to help you.
Supports the initiative of the child. I sincerely praise the efforts, help to perform the task correctly.

Some useful tips
Strict routine – an important condition. The kid must understand that it is necessary.
The child needs active games outdoors, in order to be able to run, jump and shout plenty. Need more often outdoors, in parks.
Take baby games that require concentration, better to break the task into parts. Pay attention to the class to which the baby is showing more interest.

It is important to limit television viewing and computer games. The best offer child lessons that will benefit more.
It is necessary to teach a child discipline. Even a small child is able to make their own toys.
Why should not do
How to develop perseverance and not to harm the baby? You can not criticize and blame the child because of the excessive activity of something he can not.
Do not blame the kid for what he is in the process of the task something spoiled. For example, something missed, broke, broke. Better pay attention to the fact that he got what he has achieved.
You can not deny to show interest. Thus children learn the world. If the result of this knowledge was broken glass, the task of mothers do not give your child cut yourself and not blame him for broken objects.
Of course, the baby can not all go. Parents should reassure him, to understand that not everything goes right the first time. Allow your child to rest before he takes up the case again. Help your child become more confident, saying that she must succeed.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Remember, the best example for children are their parents. If they are patient, bring begun to end, keep their promises, then the baby will certainly learn all this.
Immunize your child perseverance – a difficult task. But patient and understanding parents, showing imagination, able to succeed in this difficult matter.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain

The word “rain” firmly entered our lexicon. You say it, people rarely think about how much interesting facts hidden in it. Moreover, some of them do not know how there are so familiar to us raindrops.
But humanity must thank nature for this wonderful gift. If not for the rain, but now our planet would look much darker. And who knows, perhaps without life itself could not be born. So let’s talk about what the rain and its role in the Earth system.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
A continuous cycle of life
It so happens that many of the processes in the world have their own cycle. For example, the alternation of the seasons or day and night. The same applies to the water which is in a circular motion. It is through this order of things the world could become a hot desert oasis filled with all sorts of life forms.
And the rain – this is one of the most important factors that contributed to the birth of all living things. It’s not all him on Earth would not sprouted first trees that gave the planet an opportunity to get their own strong atmosphere. And she, in turn, enabled the first sea creatures enter the shore that forever changed the course of world history.
But let’s leave behind the appearance of all life and talk that gave us rain and wind. It is first allowed people to collect a large harvest, otherwise it would simply dried up. But the wind carried the rain clouds around the world, so showers were even where no own rivers and lakes.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
What is rain?
In fact, everyone knows how you can describe this meteor, as all have seen it. So, apparently, is very simple: rain – a drop of water falling from the sky. But the question is: how they get there? Or why they fell back from there?
It all starts with the fact that when exposed to heat water begins to evaporate. And as much steam lighter than air, it rises. Here are the higher it is, the colder it becomes the environment.
When the temperature is critical steam again condenses into small droplets of moisture that seemed to hang in the air, turning into white clouds. However, over time the amount of water increases, and innocent cloud begins to turn into a gray cloud. And one day all moisture breaks out, turning into a full-fledged rain. This occurs most often in cases where the gray clouds face a cold stream of air that can quickly cool the condensate accumulated in it.
What are the rain?
Also, be aware that there are different types of precipitation. Some of them are more likely to fall in the summer, while others, on the contrary, fall and spring. So let’s look at the most common types of rain:
Mist – a small drop of water that seemed to hang in the air. They are almost invisible to the ordinary eye, and often appear in early spring or late fall.
The shower – very heavy rain, just to say it, “pouring down in buckets.” But it rains quickly running out, as stock heavenly moisture evaporates in minutes.
Oblozhnyy rain – a card of the Russian autumn. Sometimes it seems that the drops falling from the sky never cease. It can go from two days to several weeks.
Mushroom rain – so popularly called intermittent rain, in which the visible sky or the sun.
Freezing rain – a very rare phenomenon that occurs mainly in the autumn when it’s cold reigns.

The rainy season
How hotter the climate, the more moisture collects in the atmosphere. In this regard, in tropical regions is such a thing as the rainy season. This is a special season, which falls a huge rainfall.

For a country where the average temperature is 40-45 degrees, it’s like a breath of fresh air. In addition, the rainy season plays a very important role in the ecosystem tropics without it all life quickly fades from excessive heat.
Most often, each region has its own calendar where the approximate date of arrival of the heavenly showers. For example, in India it happens at the end of June, and the rainy season in Thailand falls at the end of May.
Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
A drop of tar in a barrel of honey
However, despite the rain – is an integral part of life, yet he can bring terrible troubles with them. Thus, prolonged rains leading to floods and floods, threatening the destruction of towns and cities that are next to large bodies of water.
Or because of the long rains in the mountains can get away mud avalanches. These sediments are able to considerably spoil the landscape at the foot of the cliffs. Not to mention the fact that they can easily bend under the wave of dirt wild animals or people who dared to stand in their way.
There often comes with rain and lightning. I’m sure many can recall several instances where this brilliant beast fell into a house or a transformer. Moreover, thousands of stories known when lightning struck the people, leading to death.