A little bit about love constitution …

Those who say they do not need love – lie. First of all, themselves. It requires the hell else we feel empty – like a vase without flowers. When fall in love, you are happy, as the last idiots. But the woman – a separate conversation. Each of us at school desk happy dreams “of a single man”, while asking for some reason, not even his idea of happiness. Even wonder when the next “only” gave drala, taking the threat of moving him promise to give birth to five sons. dance studio Miami There is time we begin to treat cautiously promises, the words “forever”, “single”, “swear” … older. Learning to love without pathos and teatralschyny – just appreciate the beautiful moments. After all, who said that 3 days on the shores of the southern seas worst three-year romance? Sometimes they can give overwhelmingly more. Laws are love no matter what it takes, but having studied them, you will avoid many disappointments (they just look good only in small quantities). spa Miami Do not forget …

1. funny – when all you can … and it seems that nothing you have not said, and he knows – you humiliated him. A woman who humiliates may not be comfortable and happy. Especially painful stronger sex reacts to visual relating to male power. And as if you were justified with phrases like “to him should be treated with irony,” you know – is not forgotten. And ironically it to be treated ourselves. electronics in USA
2. The way to a man’s heart remained the same. They are unscrupulous, still love to eat more of our manicure. So do not once again ask stupid questions “how this mouse it for yourself married? “. Just a man likes to return to the house where the delicious smells. window repair Miami
3. Do not kill a gonna. Romance is in the price, but the male model of behavior in women is not attracted many. Do not deliberately look for in a relationship just sex, be prepared for the opening and rejoice that find. Slightly reverie only adds charm even the most intelligent woman. And why narrow the range of possible relationships and deprive their versatility?
4. Dentist in Madison. This completely eliminates the concern for the future, but it excludes the concentration. Promises – a special moment. How interesting can be heard from the man during the whirlwind romance, love – buy sandals! But do not forget, “buy” – the verb form of the future tense. Like “introduce”, “‘ll take”, “show”, “married” … So ask lover back now. And what happened to the verb form. miamipetgroo.dayforlife.xyz
5. Sex – is not just. It clarifies a lot. The first night of love can easily turn your relationship 90 if not 380 degrees. And all because sex – is unity, and once it becomes clear, well you in it or not. Agree what is risk, because a relationship can break new ground and come to naught. info
6. Be self-sufficient – is to be interesting. Myself included. When you do a (not only in terms of appearance), you have something to share with others. When a woman is some highlight it, damn it, not banal and kind – as such boasts? !
7. In the spring of every tree in bloom at the time. So that all your friends okiltsyuvav at age 20 does not mean that your time there too. Marriage and a family – a definite mark on the way of life of a woman who each of us at different distances from the start. And do not try to go to someone else’s way, always faithful to be only yours. clean service Miami