As a man treats women – Past and Present

What do men gathering together? Discuss the case. What do women coming together? Discuss men.
Maybe it’s some generalized statement, but it clearly shows the place occupied by a man and woman in the life of each other. It would not stepped emancipation, but by nature not escape. So the question “how a man treats women,” Current today no less than a million years ago.

The relationship of men to women throughout the development of civilization, were mixed. Yet common features can be seen. At a time when our ancestors lived in caves, the role of women was strictly defined. She is responsible for order in the house, birth and parenting. What happened outside the circle, move it should not. Hence the attitude towards women by men. spa service Miami Simple utilitarianism. With the development of civilization, the relationship became more spiritual.

In ancient Sparta, the woman perceived as a friend, not only is a woman and a mother, but is entitled to their own actions. In ancient Greece, women began to be treated as a goddess. Just remember that committed by Helen of Troy. To understand how a man treated women in ancient Egypt, you can remember Nefertiti and Cleopatra. here more The feet last general objectives laid kingdom, because it destroyed the whole army.

The era of early Christianity eased relations. On the one hand, men do not sing their praises. In addition, she was recognized as a man equal him before God. Hard times of the Inquisition is better not to consider. As humanity has survived – is unknown. It was at this time formed attitude to women as vessels of sin. Then renaissance. In this era, women are not seen as goddesses, but they were on hand. Extolled any form, discouraged any actions. But this era is over.

It’s silver age.
Attitudes to women was more upbeat, and just, and more ephemeral. Oddly enough, but at this time began to emerge emancipation. You can draw a line regarding man and woman, the beginning of modern history. Throughout human history, people treated women as being located below it. This could be the capture and cleaning madison, praise and easy to use. But never put a man not a woman along with them.

As a man treats women – Past and Present
Today the attitude man and woman can be called unique. Cigarette resident of Iran for his wife, is not to be compared with the ratio in the American family. Relationships older couples and young lovers too greatly, even in one country. The only thing in common – that is what people today treats women as human equals. But good or bad, the question is very controversial. Well, if you go to the individual, in our time behaviors are so vague that they do not significantly. read

All relationships depend on the personalities of men and women. Woman genetically more tied to her husband. Today it is not justified socially. Just anything about it does not work. That’s the drill always nice and smart head question “and how it relates to me?”