Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?

Persistence – a continued ability to focus on anything. Young children usydity difficult to place a long time without being distracted. Curiosity activity and prevent preschooler focus on any one class. But in order to subsequently prevent problems with learning in school should teach a child discipline from an early age. Perseverance – is an important condition for success. If your child can not concentrate and keep patience, it will be difficult to learn the material. Constantly distracted and switch to other classes, it is impossible to achieve positive results in education.

Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Develop perseverance
Parents often believe that perseverance – a feature of the temperament of the child. But this quality can also be acquired knowledge. Teach your baby will not be distracted quite difficult. This requires a change in lifestyle, daily routine. In addition, this quality is made not once, but appears older. To develop perseverance, will require patience, endurance. It is necessary to try to change the child’s attitude to the events that occur around and you need to follow certain rules.
The conditions necessary for the development of perseverance
How to teach children perseverance and that it needs to do? In order to succeed in developing such useful qualities necessary to consider important points.
Compliance age classes
The kid, who was three years old, is unlikely to come to the delight of learning foreign languages. He was more like mobile games, classes designer or drawing. During the classes necessary to remove all unnecessary sight, turn off the TV. Even for adults it difficult to concentrate in class, they are quite uninteresting, but for active baby is even harder.

Completion begun
Reflecting on how to instill perseverance baby, first you need to start with yourself. The behavior of adults – is an example for the child. To teach the child to complete the work begun, you need to follow it and parents. Do not tackle something new, without completing the previous session. If this cleaning, it should not be done halfway. If the meal, it should be complete. Give your child understand that the implementation of any tasks should be qualitative. Do not forget to praise and criticize less.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Calm and patience
You can not blame a kid for what he is interested in something else during the current session. Young children do not understand this. Immunize diligence force will not work. Such methods only lead to the fact that the baby will stress, and this will worsen the situation further. Quiet benefit of parents and help cope with restlessness.
The absence of severe restrictions
Kids over the age of three or four years old, very interesting. All around them, is compelling interest. Do not restrict access to new knowledge. From the age of five can already require the child to be posydyuchym, at this age he can already concentrate.
Exercise and lessons
How to develop perseverance in extremely active toddler? Such children are very useful lessons and exercises, for which the necessary concentration and focus.
Play puzzles, designers, mosaics require perseverance. To get a good result child needs to work hard. For active children is a difficult task, but the result will please.

You can engage with the child reading. Listening to the story, focuses on child heard, is the story and the characters. Read often required. It relaxes and soothes. The child was easier to represent heroes should choose books with illustrations.
You can play with a child puppet theater. Let the kid selects a scene itself and the role that he likes the most.
Going in search of differences – is also a good way to learn to concentrate. Do not expect that everything will turn out right. At first, the child can not do without the help of parents. But over time this activity and capture him. It is important that the task was chosen for toddlers not to discourage impossible task.
Creative classes. Not every child likes to draw, but you can use alternative options. You can offer something to mold, to make application, mural, you can do weaving. Kids really like finger paint colors. You can spread out on the floor of a large sheet of paper and let your child leave traces on the hands and feet, draw colorful patterns. It captures restless toddler long. You can find many other interesting activities that will help to teach perseverance, and, in addition, contribute to the development of fine motor skills fingers.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Work – this is what helps develop patience and desire to achieve results. How to increase diligence in this way? Ask your child to help you around the house and each time praise and focuses on the results of his efforts.
Be prepared for the fact that not everything will be done just as you want, you might after that help you even have to work or collect the broken pieces. The main thing is not to anger the will to the baby not lost the desire to help you.
Supports the initiative of the child. I sincerely praise the efforts, help to perform the task correctly.

Some useful tips
Strict routine – an important condition. The kid must understand that it is necessary.
The child needs active games outdoors, in order to be able to run, jump and shout plenty. Need more often outdoors, in parks.
Take baby games that require concentration, better to break the task into parts. Pay attention to the class to which the baby is showing more interest.

It is important to limit television viewing and computer games. The best offer child lessons that will benefit more.
It is necessary to teach a child discipline. Even a small child is able to make their own toys.
Why should not do
How to develop perseverance and not to harm the baby? You can not criticize and blame the child because of the excessive activity of something he can not.
Do not blame the kid for what he is in the process of the task something spoiled. For example, something missed, broke, broke. Better pay attention to the fact that he got what he has achieved.
You can not deny to show interest. Thus children learn the world. If the result of this knowledge was broken glass, the task of mothers do not give your child cut yourself and not blame him for broken objects.
Of course, the baby can not all go. Parents should reassure him, to understand that not everything goes right the first time. Allow your child to rest before he takes up the case again. Help your child become more confident, saying that she must succeed.
Perseverance – it’s like to develop a child’s perseverance?
Remember, the best example for children are their parents. If they are patient, bring begun to end, keep their promises, then the baby will certainly learn all this.
Immunize your child perseverance – a difficult task. But patient and understanding parents, showing imagination, able to succeed in this difficult matter.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain

The word “rain” firmly entered our lexicon. You say it, people rarely think about how much interesting facts hidden in it. Moreover, some of them do not know how there are so familiar to us raindrops.
But humanity must thank nature for this wonderful gift. If not for the rain, but now our planet would look much darker. And who knows, perhaps without life itself could not be born. So let’s talk about what the rain and its role in the Earth system.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
A continuous cycle of life
It so happens that many of the processes in the world have their own cycle. For example, the alternation of the seasons or day and night. The same applies to the water which is in a circular motion. It is through this order of things the world could become a hot desert oasis filled with all sorts of life forms.
And the rain – this is one of the most important factors that contributed to the birth of all living things. It’s not all him on Earth would not sprouted first trees that gave the planet an opportunity to get their own strong atmosphere. And she, in turn, enabled the first sea creatures enter the shore that forever changed the course of world history.
But let’s leave behind the appearance of all life and talk that gave us rain and wind. It is first allowed people to collect a large harvest, otherwise it would simply dried up. But the wind carried the rain clouds around the world, so showers were even where no own rivers and lakes.

Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
What is rain?
In fact, everyone knows how you can describe this meteor, as all have seen it. So, apparently, is very simple: rain – a drop of water falling from the sky. But the question is: how they get there? Or why they fell back from there?
It all starts with the fact that when exposed to heat water begins to evaporate. And as much steam lighter than air, it rises. Here are the higher it is, the colder it becomes the environment.
When the temperature is critical steam again condenses into small droplets of moisture that seemed to hang in the air, turning into white clouds. However, over time the amount of water increases, and innocent cloud begins to turn into a gray cloud. And one day all moisture breaks out, turning into a full-fledged rain. This occurs most often in cases where the gray clouds face a cold stream of air that can quickly cool the condensate accumulated in it.
What are the rain?
Also, be aware that there are different types of precipitation. Some of them are more likely to fall in the summer, while others, on the contrary, fall and spring. So let’s look at the most common types of rain:
Mist – a small drop of water that seemed to hang in the air. They are almost invisible to the ordinary eye, and often appear in early spring or late fall.
The shower – very heavy rain, just to say it, “pouring down in buckets.” But it rains quickly running out, as stock heavenly moisture evaporates in minutes.
Oblozhnyy rain – a card of the Russian autumn. Sometimes it seems that the drops falling from the sky never cease. It can go from two days to several weeks.
Mushroom rain – so popularly called intermittent rain, in which the visible sky or the sun.
Freezing rain – a very rare phenomenon that occurs mainly in the autumn when it’s cold reigns.

The rainy season
How hotter the climate, the more moisture collects in the atmosphere. In this regard, in tropical regions is such a thing as the rainy season. This is a special season, which falls a huge rainfall.

For a country where the average temperature is 40-45 degrees, it’s like a breath of fresh air. In addition, the rainy season plays a very important role in the ecosystem tropics without it all life quickly fades from excessive heat.
Most often, each region has its own calendar where the approximate date of arrival of the heavenly showers. For example, in India it happens at the end of June, and the rainy season in Thailand falls at the end of May.
Rain – a great gift of heaven. All you need to know about rain
A drop of tar in a barrel of honey
However, despite the rain – is an integral part of life, yet he can bring terrible troubles with them. Thus, prolonged rains leading to floods and floods, threatening the destruction of towns and cities that are next to large bodies of water.
Or because of the long rains in the mountains can get away mud avalanches. These sediments are able to considerably spoil the landscape at the foot of the cliffs. Not to mention the fact that they can easily bend under the wave of dirt wild animals or people who dared to stand in their way.
There often comes with rain and lightning. I’m sure many can recall several instances where this brilliant beast fell into a house or a transformer. Moreover, thousands of stories known when lightning struck the people, leading to death.

How to correctly set up and maintain the group on the social networks?

Group or community on social networks – a successful tool to adequately represent your business in the virtual space and take their share of the e-commerce market. For large companies such group is partially replaced official website. Dental Staff

With proper design and maintenance of the group can significantly strengthen sales. Greatly simplify the task of creating online stores, which are now available VKontakte and Facebook.

Explore the interests of the target audience

When making a group on the social network is important to remember that in fact – is the calling card companies, and so the design you need to consider the details. The harmony of colors, comfortable layout tools, fully completed sections – all significantly affect the group’s popularity. When choosing a design is important to consider the interests and needs of the target audience group.

chego hochet pokupatel

Seriously work on this issue, clearly define, in meeting the needs of any group of interested visitors, your potential customers. And your offer – a product or service can satisfy them. If it is true, determine priorities, be able to unite in their group in the social network are thousands and tens of thousands of users. Edgewater Office Location

Dissemination of information in such a community is already working on a “word of mouth” – the consumer uses your service, I bought the goods of your company. He liked it, and in private conversations with your friends, colleagues, relatives, he recommends is your brand. And the easiest way to share information – a link to the group in the social network, where all the necessary information in one place, plus contact details.

Provide opportunities for communication and react to criticism

The best and fastest way to spread information – tools for communication in the group. Each user who is logged on your page, that is, shown to your brand or discussed topic of interest, should be able to express their opinions. Residences at Biltmore

Do not be afraid of negative comments. Do not remove them, if you criticize constructively. Take note of this, fix bugs, and … be sure to respond to all the comments! In this case, do not “make advances” with users. Let’s criticism of short, informative and appropriate responses.

obcheniye v chate

It stimulates the live chat, and users will see that the group really works in the social network – is regularly updated and developed. Reply to comment – a manifestation of interest to the user, an indicator of its own importance. Feeling involved in the process, the user will feel the need to come again and again. Treat group members as partners and they will be happy to take part in the construction of the desired communication.

The group in a social network can be compared with the club, the community of interest. If the members have all the opportunities for interaction – to participate in contests, discussion by leaving comments, perhaps to add themed photos and video – they will use them, especially if you are convinced that their actions have a response. Your task – to show the user their unselfish interest and its significance.

“Dose” and use information unique photos
Ad hidden.
When you create a group on the social network it is very important advance form of its development plan. In the first place, before your eyes will always be a program of action, you will know exactly how to respond to various user actions – Customer orders or just published a response, positive or negative. And, most importantly, you’ll know exactly in what amounts need to provide information.

For example, you present a new service, product or some significant event in the company’s activities. In such a publication is obligatory good illustration. If possible, use unique pictures. The easiest option – to find a nice photo on the Internet. Better yet, buy a picture at the thematic website. Ideal – take a photo of yourself.

pravikniye foto

If you allow corporate ethics, engage in photography company. Show life! Anonsiruete seminar? Take a couple of shots, which organizers something hotly debated. Promoting yoga class? Ask the master to perform an asana and make a beautiful picture. Launches a new collection of clothes? Briefly tell us about the benefits and accompany bright image. Do not allow blurry, crooked cropped photos! Never. This should be the rule.

Show why it is beneficial

And go back to the previous rule – do not forget to comment on the publication and to call for the members of the group! Discuss the topic as long as the interest in it is not quenched. After the announcement of the event or service, you can publish short positions of the positive responses.

Tell us about how you personally decided to test the functionality and convenience of the new service. Do not post empty positions on the type of “Good morning!” Photo mornings

The latest DNA technology edit

Compared with previous approaches, this technology is a quantum leap in the long term, these possibilities are endless. dentist Madison

What do we know about the technology of genetic editing CRISPR
Edited cell’s DNA before, this would have to remove the DNA from the cells, to make the necessary changes and to enter an edited DNA back into the cage. CRISPR also allows intracellular DNA chain to cut “unnecessary” gene and introduce new features in the genetic code, altering its structure. This new set of genetic instructions for the cells transmitted through the neutralized virus. An inactivated virus – is part of the immune system of bacteria, and it can accurately find the specific locations in the DNA, performing the function of scissors. This will allow, for example, to remove the immune cells and introduce new, with new abilities. stylist Madison

The experiments were carried out in several countries – China, Sweden and the UK. And by 2020, the number of clinical trials increase.

What today is the technology?

To return sight to the blind rats – it was done in the Salk Institute in California. It is possible in the future to correct mutations in different cells of the heart, brain, blood, eye, liver. Or, for example, to create mosquitoes that are unable to spread malaria.

Today CRISPR technology used in clinical trials to fight cancer – recently in China, scientists have successfully replaced the T-cells of patients with a severe form of lung cancer. interior design Madison

However, there is one serious problem: this method is difficult to test because we know very bad relations between genes in the genome. And we still do not know so much about the function of genes. At the same time, there is an opportunity to help people, and as often happens in science, there is a question of ethics. Is it ethical to help people, not knowing the consequences. How this may affect future generations, we do not know. It can be known in a dozen years – roughly the time the test will take.

Why, when a person falls asleep, he feels a sense of falling?

This feeling can be compared when we stumble or miss a step on the stairs. From a scientific point of view – this feeling is described as hypnotic twitching, and sometimes hallucinations can occur.

What it is?
While scientists do not fully explain the origin of this feeling. Some argue that it is inherent in us. dance studio Madison The sudden awakening of a sense of fear helps to ensure a person that he is in a safe environment and his health is not threatened. Others say that sudden awakening allows you to check the position of the body before sleep.

The theory of hypnotic twitching suggests that this is just symptoms of our active physiological system that lends itself to the sleep state. We can say that it is a kind of transition from the conscious world into the world of relaxation and recreation. In essence, hypnotic twitching can be explained by switching between the reticular system of the brain and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus, which uses inhibitory neurotransmitters to decrease alertness and bring sleep.  Some people have this feeling of falling occurs too often, several times a night, which is impeding normal sleep and relax. Most likely, this is due to nervous disorders and experiences, excessive fatigue. In this case, you need to take medicine, try to relax and sink into a deep sleep.

What causes frequent hypnagogic jerks?
Different energy stimulants, caffeine, excessive physical activity in the evening. This can break the sound sleep. The frequency of this phenomenon increases at times when a person experiences or experiences severe fatigue. cleaning service Madison Doctors recommend that adhere to the correct sleep-wake schedule.

A certain group of scientists is fully confident that the chance to experience a hypnotic twitching increased when the body is experiencing a lack of calcium, magnesium and iron.

This phenomenon is considered from the point of view of science, as a normal and natural to man. Scientists found out that the frequency of such hypnotic jerks declining with age. If you are experiencing every day the feeling, you should consult a doctor neurologist, review their activities. Perhaps this is due to your lifestyle, unhealthy diet, regular fatigue, stress and anxiety. Revise your work schedule. dentist Madison

The fourth phase of life

Which option you choose, the exact date of his death or to stay in the dark? Death – is an inevitable process for all living beings, the same as the birth. Scientists were able to identify a new phase of life that foretells death.

At the beginning of the XX century, scientists have shared only two phases of life: childhood and adulthood. The childhood condition the person is growing, there is a development of his internal organs and systems. Since puberty, the person enters adulthood. Young body safe from a long and severe illness. Aging – is an inevitable process, which follows immediately after adulthood. During this period, there are physical changes in the body, and the probability of occurrence of physical death increases with each passing year. interior design Madison

The third phase

Scientists have found out that there is another phase, and the third, through which the older generation. Researcher Laurence Muller of the University of California, says that a person who has attained 80 years of age and to those who celebrated their 90th anniversary, their chances of death are considered as approximately equal. The third phase is called “late life.” The scientist believes that with age, the mortality rate is leveled. The ratio of annualized growth in mortality rates is not working at the end of the human journey. Regarding this phenomenon are still hotly debated among scientists.

New research

This question engaged in Lawrence Muller with his colleague Michael Rose. They conducted tests on fruit flies fruit flies. Scientists selected females flies about 2800, each of which was placed in a flask with males. Every day, scientists counted the number of eggs in each pair. The observation was made as long as all the flies are not dead. Researchers help students from universities, since it was a very tedious job.

Opening of the fourth phase

It was possible to determine that each day the number of eggs laid decreases. Scientists expect failure, female fertility passes in the same way, and the birth rate is not leveled, when a female entered the final phase of his life. The researchers looked closer attention to this process and have found something wonderful and mysterious. Lawrence said that if separate females who are on the verge of death, and to compare them with other individuals, there will be a significant difference in fertility. Factor flies fertility drops sharply 2 weeks prior to the onset of death. The organism is an individual demonstrates an absolutely predictable death spiral. The decline in fertility occurs at any age. dance studio Madison This is a new, fourth stage, which was recently opened. In 2012, they found that male fruit flies also pass through the recession play a few days before his death.


Scientists have done a great job and have learned with 80 percent probability to predict the date of death of Drosophila flies. The male drops sharply fertility. When the individual is preparing for death, its ability to reproduce drops to a critical level. Death spiral – this is an inevitable process. Human death is associated with age, but for the most part it is associated with fertility. This discovery led biologists to revise their theories.

Smart Candle, which can ignite from a mobile device

Collection of “smart” things are gradually expanding. Users have grown accustomed to the smart refrigerator, TV, suitcases and mattresses. Now the turn to candles.

Development of «Wi-Fire» uses real fire instead of LED flicker. LuDela Candle connected with a smartphone and is controlled from a mobile device. Inside the shell is a real wax filler, which ignited the flame. At present users the opportunity not only to light a fire, but put it out if desired, using a telephone. Everything is done remotely.

How to use?

To harness the power of new technology, the user only has to install a special application on the smartphone, which comes free. One tap of the screen, you can activate a candle and light the fire. The user may even be in another room and quietly activate a device that runs on batteries. Battery capacity is enough for several years, since it is only necessary to set fire to the wick. When the battery charge is at the minimum level on the smartphone app will notify you.

Distinctive features of the development

LuDela Candles will be useful to people who are afraid of an open fire in your home. You have no need to always have on hand a match or lighter. The candle has a special security sensor. If you are too close to get close to the unit work sensor that automatically order extinguish the flames. If the candle accidentally falls, the fire goes out. Developers have created a candle so that the hot wax will drop to a table or furniture, and will not create a risk of burns.

The main disadvantage

Repellent factor for lovers of innovative gadgets – is the price. You can buy a regular packet of candles for 300 rubles in a specialized store, for LuDela you will have to pay 6000 rubles. It is worth noting that the price does not include the wax filler, supplies of which are expected in the first quarter of 2017.

What does the word «Like»

In Canberra, very safe. Largely due to the fact that it is the administrative part of Australia, where the government buildings and embassies of various countries. In the little town of thefts and the locals are very gullible. Interior Design Atlanta
16. Among the bus drivers are very many women and buses moving through the city on a separate page and with good speed. transport links are carried on passenger demand.
17. At each stop in Canberra Set short number by sending an SMS to that you can find out how much it will bus.

18. The whole city, especially when viewed from a height, surrounded by mountains. Stunner.
19. Right in the park can be seen living in the wild kangaroos. They are quite brave and admit to himself close people. However, there is also a sad fact about these animals. At night, they jump on the track under the lights of passing vehicles – and with good intentions, the driver often does not have time to react. Therefore, in the daytime a lot of downed kangaroos can be seen lying on the road. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.
20. The sad fact about Canberra – road at night illuminated poorly or not at all covered, especially road. Therefore, at night on the road much less drivers. Instead of lamps installed reflective road markings. Limo Service in Atlanta

If you are studying English, you may already know what the word like, but if you have not lived in the United States, you may be unfamiliar to some informal situations, the use of the word. And even if you speak good in English, about the informal use of the word will be useful to you.
The formal use

Description preferences

Like – verb that is used to describe preferences.
I like learning English on Italki. I like to learn English online on italki.
I like hamburgers more that hot dogs. I love the burgers over hot dogs.
for comparison

Like it can be used to compare two things.
That man looks like Tom Cruise. This man looks like Tom Cruise.
One of these things is not like the other. One thing does not look like the other. Dance Studio Atlanta
It is similar in meaning to ‘such as’

Technologies such as smart phones and tablets are changing the business.
Like in this example it has almost the same value as the such as. The speaker has in mind that the technologies that are changing the business may include smartphones and tablets, but it can also simply be considered and related technologies. The proposal with such as technology, referred to as a changing business include just smartphones and tablets.
Close in meaning to the ‘as if’

Like replaces as if, to link two simple suggestions as part of the complex.
They spend money as if he had just won the lottery. They spend money like they’ve just won the lottery.
They spend money as if he had just won the lottery. They spend money as if they’ve just won the lottery.
Note: The last two use seem to someone informal, but they are so often used that the average native English speaker does not even know the difference.
Informal use

Stop and think

Like it can be used in the same cases as the um, uh, and well. This allows you to pause in mid-sentence, to decide what you want to say more.
Person 1: Are you coming with us on Friday? You’re coming with us on Friday?
Man 2: I … like … do not know yet because I might have to stay late at the office. I … uh … I do not know, because I needed to stay in office.
Guess exaggerate Spa Services in Atlanta

Like can be used to tell the audience something, what do you say now about or exaggerated.
Why are still studying? We have like five minutes until the exam. Why do you still teach? We have almost five minutes before the exam.
There are five minutes – an understatement of the time that is left before the exam. It is understood that the speaker considers useless to teach, because have so little time.
Man 1: Can you believe Sarah has a new boyfriend? Can you believe that Sarah’s the new guy?
Person 2: Yeah, she’s dated like thirty guys this year. Yes. She met almost thirty guys this year.
The truth may be that Sarah met with only five guys this year. Thirty – exaggeration.

20 facts about the capital city Canberra

1. Canberra – a garden city, where even in winter roses bloom. And here the whole spring riot of colors. You can see almost all colors of the rainbow. Beyond the usual eye color, you can meet even the blue (!) Trees.
2. The first thing that strikes the traveler – it’s a huge amount of parrots wide variety of species found in free conditions. It cockatoos, rosella, Lory and many others. But they are very timid, so enjoy and have carefully from afar.

3. A small number of people, especially in the evening. The city’s area is large, 814.2 square kilometers and the population – about 380,000, as in Vitebsk, while Vitebsk almost 6.5 times less than the Canberra area. Australians prefer to live in private homes, so there is only from the high-rise offices and shopping centers.
4. In the city of public transportation there is only a bus. He walks well on schedule. A special feature is that the weekend everyday numbers are replaced by others, and these buses run much less frequently than on weekdays.

5. In all cities of Australia, especially in Canberra, people are afraid of the sun. Australians go to the city always in sunglasses (even in winter) and hats, trying to close the skin from the sun and always use a sunscreen, leaving the street.
6. Having a large area of land in private houses, the locals do not make the beds here, as it did the Belarusians. In the yards only grows grass and trees.

7. No high metal or any more fences and gates. Maximum – a fence of flowering shrubs. It comes to the ridiculous: the plant fence, and in the middle a small gate.
8. The main document for Australians – this law. The driver’s license is at all. Any 16 you, or 90. Because there is a name and a surname, and most importantly – address. Interestingly, the law in Canberra available at the library.
9. Machine in Canberra to stay in cheaper than a bicycle. The cost of renting the car for a day – from 30 to 40 AUD, while rent a bike here is AUD 45 per 24 hours.

10. A single ticket for the bus is more expensive here than in big cities with Sydney or Melbourne – 4,5 AUD. However, if you buy a travel card, you get a much cheaper – between 2 and $ 3, depending on the time and day of travel. For students there are discounts, and for pensioners – and even free of charge.
11. Winter in Canberra relatively cold for Australia, to an average of -5 degrees at night. Our usual central heating system is not. We have to be heated, air-conditioned, as, indeed, and cool in hot weather. The weather here is very changeable, and in one day you can visit both in the summer, autumn and winter.
12. Most of the cars are bright, very little black. Most likely due to the weather conditions, because the majority of the year-long heat.
13 Australians, in general, friendly people, and those who live in Canberra and all. Passers-by always greet each other and ask how are you doing.

14. In Canberra are very few pedestrian crossings, and those who have – land, groundwater is not really anywhere. Perhaps they do not need it, that is. To. The people mostly traveled by car. Pedestrians walking on the street, there are very few.

Psychology of communication with men

Dentist in Madison

This is already much has been written and said. I continue to write entire treatises, but, nevertheless, the issue of relations between men and women with acute wedge included in any society. Perhaps there is no single set of rules to help all lovers of the world to live happily ever after. And often people ignore all the most useful advice, as life dictates of their own. So today we will talk about the obvious and unbelievable – the beautiful women who are unable to build great relationships with equally beautiful men. more here

All men ECS? …

Women who are unable to create relationships often take a negative determination of men. Positive psychology intercourse with men begins with elementary – to stop the curse. Stop them assess how the market compared to non-existent images princes of cheap novels, look for evidence that all men are terrible and disgusting. If you are indulging such beliefs cease to engage in nonsense and realistic look at life. If you do not admit the possible existence of normal, adequate and mentally healthy men, they are too far from your microcosm and you prytyahnutsya only those in whom you believe – the most negative characters thwarted your novels. Remember, if you believe all the bad men, they are absolutely nothing to do – it’s your personal problem. If you can not deal with it yourself, go to a psychologist and correct their vision. Otherwise, normal relations will not be. goods and services directory

We are too different!

This love mankiruvaty not only women. They say we are all different, from other planets, men and women will never understand each other and everything is fundamentally wrong. This belief should throw away or put into the museum canceled theater props. Men and women alike. All healthy and normal people need care, stability and little freedom. Everyone should be confident in the future, to get everything at once, to be healthy and happy, like people, avoid trouble and get all kinds of positive feelings. Everyone wants to love and be loved, do children build up their nest and feel important. Everyone wants to be lazy sometimes and avoid their duties, throw the responsibility on others and just disappear somewhere to rest all. Knowing what people want, you understand – psychology of communication with men is simple and clear – enough to understand that communication was effective. read

I’m not a man, I – personality!

At the root of his psychology of communication with men mean an individual approach. Imagine that you acquainted with someone represent – “Marina, a woman.” You will be unpleasant if you mark only on sex. And just so you and do when trying to calculate some qualities in man based on his gender. So if you chose someone and want to develop relationships, forget everything you know about men (including what mom said), and concentrate on the study of personality. This will help avoid stereotypical thinking.

Training shall be!

Any person before you will meet, must undergo personal correction. This is completely normal, and be prepared to sometimes show firmness for communication, not allowing his partner to perform certain acts that hurt you. Talk to them clearly and firmly, that he encountered fewer issues and a desire to repeat the trick. Do not start a demonstration performance in the form of hysteria or deathly silence – be as easy as possible. Nothing abnormal is that the person does any actions that you seem unpleasant, no. Especially if, after you set it on their unattractiveness, he has lost the desire to repeat them. But, “adjusting” the identity for themselves, remember two things – first, do not forget to take into account the wishes of their partner about you, and secondly, not played in a strict teacher of primary school, or quickly begin to tire of her husband. But everything should be in moderation and very adequately. click here


When taking into account the above, the conclusion suggests itself – psychology of communication with men is not an exact science with formulas and axioms. It is very difficult and at the same time simple process of normal human communication.