Women’s high sense rules

All around smiling girlfriends, run on a date to boys. And you sit at home and think that life, as do guys pass you. Sound familiar? What to do? And here’s what to do – look out!

Dentist in Madison important thing – is to examine himself “and from” and not try to understand male psychology and severe torment the question: “What is it that men thinking?”. For example, yesterday at the festival met imposing man with a funny beard. Treated cocktail, and next morning sent sms: “How are you?”. Even years so 10 because I would immediately rushed to the girlfriend and we’d all day discussing what to answer him, that does not frighten, but to show that something is worth, hint at a date, but at the same time make it clear that without it lived. click here

But now, from the height of past years, I replied instantly: “Hello, mister, everything is fine!”. The reason for my quick answer is not that I became independent, and that I just learned how to communicate with men need that to experience only positive emotions and gain a good impression. It really does not matter how long acquaintance – a day or two years, or it will be nothing more than a novel SMS. So if you want to receive only from good relationships – remember that joke better not to offend.

Joke and image – two sides of the same coin. beauty USA

Each of us someday, but allow such a mistake. No exception and my girlfriend Anastasia. Her boyfriend Sasha went great, and she decided to make a joke: “Well, look, if you have damaged your manhood – you have to find a replacement.” Only after the nth number rozstavan Anastasia pryvchylasya make fun of guys more gently.

Capture the green light!

Despite our grandmothers belief that a woman should be weak, every man wants to feel your advantage before him. This is not because the 21st century – the century of weak men, but simply because they need that you would admire other men. That’s why you need to have a hobby, something that you enjoy and that might be interested in the opposite sex.

The way to the heart …

The way to the heart of every man – not a red carpet, and miles of hard work to appease this is not the heart and stomach …! Surprisingly, according to statistics marriage proposal makes men just after a hearty meal. First place in Top food – fried chicken! more info

No program.

In no case should not itself programmed in advance for a specific scenario. For example: “I need only nocturnal rendezvous”, because in that case the chances of a different outcome dramatically reduced.

Do not hang ear.

Men say that we want to hear – it’s long been a secret. But despite the awareness, women continue to blindly listen to promises of incredible happiness a year under the sun of fantastic Maldives. My friend Sveta on work just as well hung ears and catching every promise and eagerly asked when at last it happens that her beau naobitsyav. But soon she realized his innocence and no longer get your boyfriend issues, and – oh, miracle! – click

Intimacy – a sharp turn.

After this most intimate relationship
things can change dramatically, and not necessarily for the better. Your husband can just go because he got from you all wanted. So decide for yourself – you’re a casual connection or not.

You are special!

And finally – never compare to her friends in a relationship. The main thing is do not get stuck in search of a single, female and accumulate wisdom.

A little bit about love constitution …

Those who say they do not need love – lie. First of all, themselves. It requires the hell else we feel empty – like a vase without flowers. When fall in love, you are happy, as the last idiots. But the woman – a separate conversation. Each of us at school desk happy dreams “of a single man”, while asking for some reason, not even his idea of happiness. Even wonder when the next “only” gave drala, taking the threat of moving him promise to give birth to five sons. dance studio Miami There is time we begin to treat cautiously promises, the words “forever”, “single”, “swear” … older. Learning to love without pathos and teatralschyny – just appreciate the beautiful moments. After all, who said that 3 days on the shores of the southern seas worst three-year romance? Sometimes they can give overwhelmingly more. Laws are love no matter what it takes, but having studied them, you will avoid many disappointments (they just look good only in small quantities). spa Miami Do not forget …

1. funny – when all you can … and it seems that nothing you have not said, and he knows – you humiliated him. A woman who humiliates may not be comfortable and happy. Especially painful stronger sex reacts to visual relating to male power. And as if you were justified with phrases like “to him should be treated with irony,” you know – is not forgotten. And ironically it to be treated ourselves. electronics in USA
2. The way to a man’s heart remained the same. They are unscrupulous, still love to eat more of our manicure. So do not once again ask stupid questions “how this mouse it for yourself married? “. Just a man likes to return to the house where the delicious smells. window repair Miami
3. Do not kill a gonna. Romance is in the price, but the male model of behavior in women is not attracted many. Do not deliberately look for in a relationship just sex, be prepared for the opening and rejoice that find. Slightly reverie only adds charm even the most intelligent woman. And why narrow the range of possible relationships and deprive their versatility?
4. Dentist in Madison. This completely eliminates the concern for the future, but it excludes the concentration. Promises – a special moment. How interesting can be heard from the man during the whirlwind romance, love – buy sandals! But do not forget, “buy” – the verb form of the future tense. Like “introduce”, “‘ll take”, “show”, “married” … So ask lover back now. And what happened to the verb form. miamipetgroo.dayforlife.xyz
5. Sex – is not just. It clarifies a lot. The first night of love can easily turn your relationship 90 if not 380 degrees. And all because sex – is unity, and once it becomes clear, well you in it or not. Agree what is risk, because a relationship can break new ground and come to naught. info
6. Be self-sufficient – is to be interesting. Myself included. When you do a (not only in terms of appearance), you have something to share with others. When a woman is some highlight it, damn it, not banal and kind – as such boasts? !
7. In the spring of every tree in bloom at the time. So that all your friends okiltsyuvav at age 20 does not mean that your time there too. Marriage and a family – a definite mark on the way of life of a woman who each of us at different distances from the start. And do not try to go to someone else’s way, always faithful to be only yours. clean service Miami

That hidden lips

If you ask any young man that looks like this or that girl, he usually first begin to speak of her face. Tell about her eyes, look, and, of course, how she smiles. And it is no coincidence, since lips always occupy a special place. miamipc-repair.bestdomen.xyz

Did you know that women’s lips, and it is their form, can tell a lot about? Even if you see a girl for the first time, but looking at her lips, you are able to determine it suits you or not. read

So …

The concept of plump lips are very closely intertwined with sexuality and sensuality. dentist Miami If the girl’s facial features are great, they always attract the most attention from the opposite sex. This lips are a special part of the body, which is usually associated moment of pleasure. Most women aging attract as much attention, trying to change the shape of her lips, using cosmetics, and even help plastic surgeons.

Narrow lips say that she closed and silent. Such people are usually much of his life dedicated work. Life to them is not always good, because by its nature, they are subject to continuous accusations and ridicule. So the owner of thin lips constantly experiencing internal stress, differ somewhat dramatic character and always ready to resist, even if completely unfounded. As for the friendship, these people are usually too cherished his friends and girlfriends, and they can take a bit painful successes of others. However, this does not prevent them always come to the aid of their loved ones, despite life situation. stylist Miami

Dentist in Madison lip indicates that the person is distinguished by its dedication and dignified. He is too proud, and the pride it might just be huge, and as a result – a complete disregard for the opinions of others people confidence that is always right is he presenting himself as something exclusive and special.

Protruding lower lip tells that its owner too selfish person. Such a person differs unbalanced character and constant change of mood. Communicate with people, usually quite difficult, because they always try to take a dominant position, subordinating his will and his desire to those around them. miamiinterior.kkk-blog.xyz The family are rarely happy as always translate himself and his various whims second half, clinging to almost everything, showing usually completely unrealistic demands.

Sharply defined or upturned lips say that their owner does not differ overly inflated claims, and for a long time he could be content with what is. They did not catch the cranes in the sky, building grandiose plans. In addressing the many questions they have come to rely on their own conservatism. If such people in life expect dramatic change, they are long enough to get used to the new circumstances. They often pursue depression and bad moods, and they tend to underestimate just his personality. limo Miami

As a man treats women – Past and Present

What do men gathering together? Discuss the case. What do women coming together? Discuss men.
Maybe it’s some generalized statement, but it clearly shows the place occupied by a man and woman in the life of each other. It would not stepped emancipation, but by nature not escape. So the question “how a man treats women,” Current today no less than a million years ago. dance-miami-studio.bestdomen.xyz

The relationship of men to women throughout the development of civilization, were mixed. Yet common features can be seen. At a time when our ancestors lived in caves, the role of women was strictly defined. She is responsible for order in the house, birth and parenting. What happened outside the circle, move it should not. Hence the attitude towards women by men. spa service Miami Simple utilitarianism. With the development of civilization, the relationship became more spiritual.

In ancient Sparta, the woman perceived as a friend, not only is a woman and a mother, but is entitled to their own actions. In ancient Greece, women began to be treated as a goddess. Just remember that committed by Helen of Troy. To understand how a man treated women in ancient Egypt, you can remember Nefertiti and Cleopatra. here more The feet last general objectives laid kingdom, because it destroyed the whole army.

The era of early Christianity eased relations. On the one hand, men do not sing their praises. In addition, she was recognized as a man equal him before God. Hard times of the Inquisition is better not to consider. As humanity has survived – is unknown. It was at this time formed attitude to women as vessels of sin. Then renaissance. dentistmadison.yourchose.top. In this era, women are not seen as goddesses, but they were on hand. Extolled any form, discouraged any actions. But this era is over. miamigroomingpet.kkk-blog.xyz

It’s silver age.
Attitudes to women was more upbeat, and just, and more ephemeral. Oddly enough, but at this time began to emerge emancipation. You can draw a line regarding man and woman, the beginning of modern history. Throughout human history, people treated women as being located below it. This could be the capture and cleaning madison, praise and easy to use. But never put a man not a woman along with them.

As a man treats women – Past and Present
Today the attitude man and woman can be called unique. Cigarette resident of Iran for his wife, is not to be compared with the ratio in the American family. Relationships older couples and young lovers too greatly, even in one country. The only thing in common – that is what people today treats women as human equals. But good or bad, the question is very controversial. Well, if you go to the individual, in our time behaviors are so vague that they do not significantly. read

All relationships depend on the personalities of men and women. Woman genetically more tied to her husband. Today it is not justified socially. Just anything about it does not work. That’s the drill always nice and smart head question “and how it relates to me?”

How to build a relationship with her mother in law?

Every married woman has a husband, but not only. Often bundled with a man comes in-law, the opinion which sometimes greatly affect your spouse. What can we do for you? How to avoid conflict? To learn how to deal with the new relative, let’s consider the options for your behavior. These options are directly dependent on who your mother in law. computer repair Miami

The first type in-law, she is a woman of small stature with a shallow mind. But you are a dedicated volleyball with honors, a rather delicate situation. Your line of conduct in this situation is quite simple, try to pull closer to the ground (in any case do not look at it from top to bottom), and all of its kind show women stupid. The answer in monosyllables, can be wrong, you do not let it rozkusyty. That’s all take a fool of. You can live in peace. dentist Miami

Can another tactic your behavior with the mother-you just emphasize their dignity. Wear high shoes, preferably with a platform, often wear super short skirts, and most importantly, in such a long and hard walk to it. Perhaps it inspired by your height and beautiful legs, will not be able to disturb you. Plus this behavior the first version, it’s an opportunity not to engage in conversation with her mother in law. click

Cleaning Service in Madison enough to show nehlybokist learn your mind, maybe this behavior will surprise your mother’s husband.

The second type of in-law, a low kolobochek. With these women I advise you to keep your distance, their stupidity not catch it requires scare. Show your sharp drop in mood, impatient, you can even rude communication. In general, represents a kind of madness.dentistmadison.yourchose.top

There is another approach to this situation. Everyone knows that women are often full of want to lose weight. So, your job is to help her (in a figurative sense), report on new diets, comment calories eaten it in every product will present weight. In this situation, it will have to take a position of defense, and it is not to attack. interiormiami.lolabridge.xyz

In this case, you need to be a good actress (played insanity), well, have a wealth of information about diet.

The third type – female tall, slender. It most likely will not fight with you and become your friend. However, there is one but. Svekrov not you ask nothing but giving too will not be. Her life, yet it is interesting, and it will not zamorachivatsya your problems. You need to learn to rely on themselves.

The fourth type, tall woman with large forms. This situation is well characterized expression: like cures like. Behave just like it. It is the morning of the legs to cook breakfast Sonny? Get up earlier, more wiser cook food. You can declare that it is not enough delicious breakfast, hearty or useful (as appropriate).

These women are very power and wave of the hand ready to ruin your happiness. Fight with mother-all methods crook. Take arms sex, food, passion, man. Believe in success, and it will leave your nest in search of more affordable production. more here

The latter type of forms-law is an average of fifty women. This range of your behavior depends on the situation. Sometimes, the right will hold a family dinner with her, sometimes ignore it for a long time. The advantage of this situation is your financial ability. You all have and assist you expect from her, so she can be calm, therefore, calm yourself.

Remember, she brought up and raised your spouse, you gave up a most precious thing she had. And your task cherish and nurture its treasure

Your Secret Love

Passion – is this feeling that you must comprehend how science. She must learn. And, of course, learn from experience, deeper and deeper learning itself. mia-dentist.bestdomen.xyz

At the time of its heyday, and it is likely time to inexperience, curiosity and dreams, girls often resorted to the advice of friends. Together they discuss the most intimate question as to appear before a fan in the most favorable light than the interest the man hit his imagination so that overshadow the advantage of the other girls. The answer to the banal sms-ku have to ponder and polish, God knows how long, so as not to hit the face in the dirt. At a certain age it is the number one issue. more here

Years pass and eventually takes its experience. It simplifies everything. Now she has found great confidence and understanding men. Now it can not get any help from the joy of communication and relationships with the opposite sex, no matter how severe novel. dentistmadison.yourchose.top

Forget the sharp jokes!

Cleaning Service in Madison that daring jokes and unflattering podtrunivaniya, turned toward her boyfriend, only to harden it. Nay! Men – the same people who are hurt like appeal. But if you, ladies, continue to throw sharp words, you can not just burn themselves in love. info

And do you have any talent? If not yet, then immediately open a creative skill. Let it be any custom grip. Something special, something you will not leave indifferent lover and make him a bit of envy itself, because with him so clever.

Call me, call!

Sometimes men should not be overestimated. Especially when they self-affirming at your expense. When asked for the room and did not call, take care of the nerves. Tablecloths track. limousinemiami.lolabridge.xyz

The goal through the stomach.

After twenty-five years of marriage, my parents decided to still give each other the main claim. And guess what, filed dad? “Val, you have not learned to bake cakes! “Yes, my mother did not know how. I also had to wind this message into their heads and learn to bake not only cakes but also pies and even cakes. It is really important for men.

Believe or not?

Oh, how often boys before girls are building castles in the sand. In verbal form, of course. Steer feminine look forward to a bright future together. The fact that so easy to control women, fueling sweet dreams. It is important to be patient and quietly wait for the fairy tale comes to performance, but do not fall into the illusion.

Do not change yourself!

In a relationship with a man you often forget about themselves? Trying to please, in spite of his desire? Or maybe all silent about their needs? While this is not a plus. Get ready for the fact that people will cease to be considered with you. click here

Sex will put everything in place.

In the past, mothers instructed their daughters: “Sex is only after the wedding! “However, the truth and that betrays this phrase, now is not considered modern. But to maintain a pause in relations still need until you will not acknowledge that they are ready. After all, the fate after sex relationships.

To be or not to be, or secret love.

Marry not attack, so can not be lost. spa Miami
Everyone in my life is my experience comes his way. No zadyvlyatysya what the path girlfriend and strive to follow in her footsteps. Happiness, love, success did not come when you desperately chase them, and as your wisdom, patience and positive life attitude and then you will have your secret love.

Monogamous relationship “science”: at the forefront – woman

Why women live with men? Solely for the sake of their own security stability, meet scientists. The man needed only sex. Such cynical nature of human relationships is the basis of monogamy – monogamy. At the initiative in a monogamous relationship initially came from the fairer sex. And he continues to come out. window repair Miami

Continually offering sex monogamous species females hide their ability to bear children. And make men lie all the time to stay close.

Heart of beauty tends to deceive

Sex energy demands and threatening diseases. So naturally in most species females enter into sexual relations only achieve fertility – possibilities to conceive. pet grooming Miami Thus, the individual man can easily determine which partner able to bear children. And do not waste time on those who are unable to conceive. Because males do not usually help raise offspring. dentistmadison.yourchose.top

However, the people “girls” clearly wiser. They have dramatically reduced visual demonstration of readiness to conceive. Switched to have sex at any time of the day and of course the night. And do not give men the opportunity to understand who are able to work and who progeny – no. “Male” is deprived of the usual tips and can only focus on the behavior of friends. cleaning service Miami

While no love was coming, man not perebisytsya

Sexologists say: not knowing the status of partner, a real man loses incentive for further research, as the closest in terms of fertility she hardly different from any other. dentist Miami

Until recently, the focus remained such a mystery. In nature, usually if the male chooses a permanent connection instead promiscuous, the number of its offspring is reduced, as well as evolutionary perspective. Will there be enough females who hide fertility and continually offered sex to maintain a balance? comprepair-miami.ligasound.xyz

monogamous relationship
Cynical sex attracted men

Scientists Netherlands Institute of Ecology tested the theory using mathematical models. I found that under certain conditions, monogamous relationship is the best option. Even in populations which have accepted numerous partner (some birds and porcupines) male individuals calm down. I lean toward long-term relationship when females begin to bury their fertility.

Cleaning Service in Madison explanations of sexual behavior always locked on the man, but this scheme gives attention to the woman. French biologists from the National Research Centre of the Netherlands share the views of colleagues is at the heart of the lady. As ovulation becomes hidden, gentlemen remain close to the girls more time. more info

This is not love, but it seems

However, experts from the University Noyverslyuskoho believe that the involvement of boys monogamy is not the only reason why women take sexually dominant position. Entering into contact with many different men, “experienced person” hopes that one day her child will be held a strong partner. This is why infidelity of his wife showing even in those families where couples are created for life. miamiinterior.kkk-blog.xyz

How to be the perfect wife and not lose yourself?

When all your favorite romantic comedies cases usually end wedding. But the wedding – not top the relationship between man and woman. Meet the men and win it much easier to carry than a sense through the years, while retaining the warmth and sincerity towards each other. Of course, universal recipe for happiness in marriage does not exist, but at least try to create it worth it, is not it? What women need to know to become an ideal wife to her lover? limo service Miami

How to be the perfect wife and not lose yourself?
In the power of the ideal

With the problems of everyday life sooner or later faces every couple, and it’s perfectly normal. dance-miami-studio.bestdomen.xyz Another thing the couple look to this side of life is often not just different, but fundamentally opposite. Man demands that his wife’s full commitment household, home, children. Every woman reacts in its own way: someone starts to protest, refusing to take on care of all the household chores, and someone on the contrary – they dentist Madison dipped his head. And even if a woman chooses the second option, it will sooner or later realize that happiness and harmony in the family has increased, not feeling loved woman and a working horse. Both men and women need to learn one simple principle strong happy family, “Happy wife, happy family anyway.” It is incredibly simple, but it works. spa service Miami

Of course, every man would even sometimes see his companion in the form Stepfordskye wife. But his desire should not turn into a cult. If a woman has lived on a “must”, it begins to unconsciously expect the same behavior from her husband, “you have to come home within six,” “should earn a lot of money,” and so on. Do you want your family life turned into one continuous call of duty?

Cleaning Service in Madison therapist believes that the desire to become an ideal wife should not go beyond reason. Every man wants next to him was a person, not a robot bent on the farm. But this does not mean that you can relax and never cook dinner, limited dumplings and other semi. If today you do not want to cook – do not do it. Invite your favorite cafe or a restaurant, order a pizza or sushi home, and everything, as long as you both feel comfortable! But remember that no home meatballs, soups, pies, too, can not do! In general, look for a compromise, learn to communicate and negotiate. Only then can we build a solid foundation for a happy and strong family. more

So different, but still together

Psychologists have found that the peak of family quarrels and squabbles account for holidays. The main reason experts believe the female sensitivity, tendency to exaggeration. For example, the day of man did not come home on time, gave a gift, but gave flowers. The woman immediately makes clear conclusion: “He stopped loving me!”. Lovely ladies, even if you have a similar complaint, try to express it so that your chosen one understood it correctly. All your comparison, generalization and metaphor literally men understand that only exacerbates the conflict. Replace the favorite phrase of all women: “You never let me know, no price no heed!” At the more lenient: “I would like you to be more attention paid to the family, children, home.” The secret of longevity of marriage couples who lived together for a lifetime, simple – they even quarrel with kindness, with love. here

Sex on schedule

The study, organized by the World Centre for Family Planning, showed that 88% of all divorces occur due to dissatisfaction with sex. Moments of calm in the sexual life always happen in the life of each pair. It happens every month and is the result of natural decline of physiological activity. In men, a decrease in the level of “hormone sexuality” – testosterone. Speaking of sexual activity on the seasons, the winter testosterone decreases, and in the late summer and fall – on the contrary increases. If the period of calm woman chosen persistently persuaded to have sex, it only worsens the situation, blunting instincts of men as conqueror getter. If you notice some cooling on his part, do not need to try to shake him by all available means. Just be engaged in their business, become more independent and tayemnychishi. Your intimacy must be restored. miamicleaning.bestdomen.xyz

In the island of freedom require all

Neuroscientists have found that the human brain resists hard routine and monotony. It calls for new sensations. Therefore, even the happiest couples sometimes want to be alone, getting an opportunity to reflect and relax. If your husband has come such a period, then do not try to climb into his soul, asking a lot of questions and making hasty gloomy conclusions. The best thing you can do – do not take the silence to heart and just wait. Your tact is sure to be appreciated by your chosen one.

I will not give you

Obvious attempts to keep her husband will work against you. A man should assume that you are independent. If you have an adversary, do not rush to file for divorce. Try to find out what a woman what she wants to know that he loves. This will help you understand what your husband is missing. And remember how much you spent in marriage, flirtation and coquetry do not have to leave your family. No need to devote all men in women’s secrets. He does not necessarily know why you need a mud mask and a cellulite cream. You must learn to gently balance between the roles, changing one time to another. Be strong and soft, stubborn and humble, strong and weak, serious and light-hearted, highly moral and otvyaznoy, intelligent and reckless. This will act on your spouse’s almost magical, creating the feeling that every time it is near the new woman, for which you need to take care that you want to achieve and win respect and understand. read

How to return the love and passion

Remember how nice it all began! Hugs were strong, passionate kisses and hot. From a glance at the beloved in all boil and trembled from memories of him – goosebumps. dentmiami.ligasound.xyz
Train, happiness, joy, bliss … Remember those days? It was like a fairy tale! And it seemed that the tale will never end.

Wedding. The tale continues. But, eventually changing sensations, memories fade, feelings become smoother, quieter. You can not understand where they are vibrant, exciting feelings that were at the beginning of the novel. Why go crazy feeling and affection? … Where did those two loving person that you were before the wedding? … stylemiami.lolabridge.xyz

You are less likely to have started kissing each other. I rarely see each other’s eyes. Proximity diminished – Is this the end? …

Psychologists believe that the crisis 1, 3, 5 and 7 years – it is quite a natural phenomenon. The only men in times of crisis are beginning to look around and seek adventure. And the women … Oh, women rush to the sweet and flour. And shops. Women begin making stupid purchases, seeking solace in this class. more here

Everyone wants to experience again the feelings that were at the time of first love, return to former sex addiction, and relationships – romance and joy.
Not all succeeded, unfortunately. Many couples break up, and everyone is looking for new experiences to again and again they disappointed.

Why love dies? Why break up families? How to return the love and passion? limousinemiami.lolabridge.xyz
Only those who truly wants to understand and happiness of the loved one – for him – will succeed and keep the feeling. Selfish and selfish happiness is not given.

How did “not cool” or revive if the “cooled”?

1. Do not collect within themselves images to a loved one. Collecting the image and omissions dampens joy kills dentist in madison and trust. We like to include a mechanism etching own happiness! After all, happiness – is a natural, joyful and sanitary condition for any human being !!!
2. You need to understand exactly what we expect from love and from their partner. We all feel love in different ways and different sending signals about love. dance Miami We like talking in different languages, sometimes not hearing each other! We try to convey their love as would like to get it yourself. But the partner is all quite different! He can talk to the “unknown” you “language of love”!
We must try to understand and learn the “language of love” of his partner and teach his “own language”. Then everyone starts to get on the relationship exactly what he expects and the romance, the joy did not leave you.
3. Cleaning Service in Madison. We are always ready to fan that spark into a flame, you just try a little!
Look for a partner with different eyes, remember first feeling of closeness, change the script of life, adding a visual sensation. Skillfully use jealousy and coquetry, zahravayte partner, teasing him. Entice. Play new games. Unleash the imagination and will let feelings. The result you will feel almost instantly.
4. Do not stop in his ability to love! The relationship can not stand still, but if they do not move forward and upward – then begin to roll down with enormous speed. spa Miami
Rozvyvaytesya help yourself and your loved one to develop. Opening new horizons in sexual games, and creativity and communication! Most importantly – do not stop, keep moving forward!
That theory. And to make it all into practice, if the crisis is “covered” your couple?
Of course, you can find a good therapist and work it. But finding it is not always feasible and not all available.
You can go to special training. They can serve as a “springboard” to start a new path in relationship. miamiwindows.dayforlife.xyz

Try to negotiate with your loved one about the kind of game – the game of couples dance where everyone in turn should make a step and lead partner.
Find out how his parents found in business and his actions to his love. This will give you a chance to understand its “language of love”, which for a familiar and intuitive. Tell us about yourself, about what you do not have enough of what you dream. Words, actions, any little things – you have to know everything about each other. And if you want to keep the love and knowledge needed to use every hour on the good relationship! miamigroomingpet.kkk-blog.xyz

Do not be afraid of new life, not worry about the old. Just live and enjoy every passing day. This will give a chance to return the former relationship, to be loved again and again to love.

I sincerely wish you to believe in their strength and force your partner to overcome fear and doubt, banish pain and disappointment image! Just think about what true love is worth all the effort. Always, always, always remember this more info

Tips seasoned fisherman

  • IDE is best to catch on Caddis larva or mayflies, bark, steamed peas and a dragonfly. We need to break up the dragonfly halves of the wings and tail.
  • If the fish that hung to provyalit, cover with gauze soaked in vegetable oil, then it will not touch the flies.
  • Flour worm – the larva of the beetle, brown-yellow color can be a good attachment for non-predatory fish. It can be diluted in any jar filled with bran, bread crusts or tainted dentist in madison and left on for a long time in the barn.
  • Sometimes it is necessary that the bait floats on water, such as in coastal thickets. To do this in a bag of bait should be put volleyball camera or a plastic bag filled with air.
  • Good bell for fishing rods can be made of the old rifle sleeve, soldered to his ear and the “tongue”. It will be more resonant if sleeve cut it to half.
  • Painted Lady butterfly larva can always be found in the heads of thistles “mug”.
  • The burdock trunk nest larvae, something resembling Caddis, but without legs. You just need to find the inner barrel, which has holes, and split it along.
  • Grasshoppers have to catch early in the morning, they are less alert at this time. Before mounting it is necessary to break him of the hock legs and wings. If you catch a fly, the wings and straighten left untouched.
  • The worm lives in the rivers of the river under rocks, in the sludge lagoons, found in floodplain lakes.Iridescent color: reddish-orange or purple-brown. If the pond has this worm, the fish will be more willing to take it on the bait.
  • The worm swamp thick, black with a bluish tinge, it is very sturdy and well kept on the hook. here He lives in wetlands rivers and small lakes, often at the water’s edge in the bumps with vegetation, land deposits, or in swampy turf soil.
  • The worm lives in earthen flood plains, in the pits, where only water is left and left debris drifts in bold black soil. The worm is large, up to 30 cm. The color gray-green.
  • After fishing bait store in a dry and dark place.
  • Grasshoppers gathered in a meadow, green and large sink in water and collected on sandy soil, small and yellow – do not sink.
  • Worm-moth living in apples, a good bait for carp fish.
  • Perch prefers small bright cleaning service in madison.
  • Rub dry soap connecting rod part and you can easily connect them.
  • To fish bite better, bait should roll in the sand.
  • White pebbles, pebbles, if they periodically throw to the float, are a good bait for the fish.
  • At the sump pit the larva overwinters yellow flies, similar to maggots, but thicker and with a tail. Great bait for winter fishing.
  • The nozzle of the meal being prepared so. Soak cake, a little fry, mix with flour, knead the dough. The nozzle should be the size of a large pea. info
  • Carp love boiled corn, steamed wheat, barley and oats.
  • Bream and carp willingly take the bait from tubers boiled potatoes.
  • To crank lived a long time, it should be stored in a large potato.
  • Long kept beetle living in acorns, it is very similar to the Caddis.
  • “Beard” can unravel quickly if you use the shuttle.
  • Any curved rod can be straightened, if you lay it out in a metal pipe of suitable diameter and stand in the sun. Pre-rod better soak or steam.
  • When salting fish on the fishing is often no appropriate weather and conditions. Rub the fish with salt, place it in a plastic bag, buried in the ground, hump seal the land.
  • If you bother drying fish flies Scare them with wasps. Spread the jam and put the saucer next to the fish.True wasps themselves are not averse to eat fish, but the worm in the fish will not.
  • In the creeks covered fallen leaves, hiding a lot of any fish. What matters is that the foliage was not alder, its fish for some reason does not like.
  • To sleep by the river is good “warm grass” Carex.
  • Good cock (nod) can be made from used X-ray film. The film cut strip length 8 cm, truncated cone-shaped.Extended part of it is inserted into a segment of a rubber tube, not tapered ring is made of a thick fishing line, it is fixed. Storozhok ready.
  • Quickly unhooked can be done with safety pin and lead strips. To do this, the lead should be wound on a blunt pin of the pin and ring little stretch it so that it passes freely monofilament. The cord is tied to the head of a pin.
  • The coarse bark at the nozzle on the hook better to cut through the side grooves. read
  • In the winter time it is better to use a dark-colored hooks. “Dye” white only – slide the hook in a matchbox, light a match and bloat hook.
  • Do not leave your catch in the bitter cold on the ice. Fold it in the bag, the bottom of which is covered with a cloth. This method of preserving fish you save her taste.
  • Do not try to pull the fish out of the power of herbs. Fish should be given slack fishing line, and it will free itself.