Choosing a hunting dog

Currently, significantly decreased the number of dog breeds that are kept exclusively for hunting. Most of the hunting dogs moved into the category of pets. Yet, when choosing a dog for hunting, it should be borne in mind that their hunting instinct is still quite preserved. Let’s look at how to choose a dog that will not only pets, but also a reliable helper on the hunt. more info

Choosing a puppy
. Acquiring a puppy is best at the age of thirty-five or forty days
Regardless of the breed of hunting dogs, each acquired puppy must meet the following requirements:
1. The puppy should be a thoroughbred, to confirm that a puppy must be pedigree statement.
2. Parents puppy must have an estimate of the exterior (outdoor type) obtained at the exhibition, not lower than “good”, which to some extent provides a puppy (under normal growing conditions) as good exterior.
3. Parents puppy should be field workers, t. E. Have a diploma field trials. This ensures that the puppy has acquired the necessary makings of hunting and the right’s education, training and nataske also be a good field worker.
4. The puppy must be physically healthy and well-fed, it is determined that the external cleaning service in madison. Healthy Puppy – mobile, it has a shiny (not fishy) scalp and whines.
5. The puppy should have a good appetite and have to be taught to feed yourself from bowls.
This should be checked on the spot before taking the puppy.
6. The puppy should not have obvious physical defects and waste that is also set his external examination. At the same time it draws attention to the typicality of color;eyes (whether cataracts), on its hind legs (whether dewclaws), on the teeth bite (whether explicitly malocclusion), on the tail, (if there is ugliness and if it is docked, if properly required for the breed), on tummy (whether the umbilical hernia).
To give preference to – Kobelkov or bitch? This question is often baffled by the novice hunter.
To solve it, we must remember that a well grown and properly delivered kobelek – always constant and faithful companion of the hunter-athlete.

Bitch Kobelkov previously adopted for the work of her puppies are available, but in times of pustovok, intrafamilial and feeding the puppies it is not suitable for hunting. read more

Selection of adult dog

When the hunter is not the necessary conditions for growing puppy, adult dog must be purchased.
By purchasing an adult dog, the hunter as well as when choosing a puppy, should ensure purebred dogs origin and presence of good exterior and field qualities of its parents. info
In order to evaluate the exterior of the acquired adult dog must be thoroughly inspected for at rest and in motion,
guided by the ” Description signs breeds of hunting dogs. ”
For error-free evaluation of hunting virtues acquired a dog, provided with it hunted, it is necessary to test it in the field, on the prowl, guided by the” Rules for testing hunting dogs. ”
in order to assess the dog’s exterior and its hunting qualities necessary have appropriate knowledge and experience, which the novice hunter can not be. In this case, you need to seek help from a person who knows the breed of dog and having acquired hunting experience with this breed of dogs.

To purchase a puppy or an adult bird dog can contact the nearest regional society of hunters.
In each regional society there is a section of blood dog, which leads in to intermarry records of all hunting dogs available to hunters – members of society and conducting breeding work with them.
On the basis of regional exhibitions of hunting dogs and field trials, as well as carrying out a brood of young and appraisal of the adult population, “the dogs in the section
are selected manufacturers, the selection of steam and is made poporodno plan matings hunting dogs. as a result of deliberate planning matings members section get a good breed young. section leads and keeping young and oversees its cultivation. Turning to the section of blood dog person or in writing to purchase a puppy or an adult dog section can always recommend one or another hunter who can sell a puppy or adult dog the desired breed. click more