Europe: Peculiarities of National Hunting

The first and most unusual for us – voluntary and rigorously following the rules. Hunters do not have thoughts about the possibility of a female or young shoot at the wrong time to shoot two deer per license, etc. – All that, unfortunately, commonplace for us, for them – nonsense, and that the head can not come. Roe deer grazing just 50 meters from the village, pheasants living in the reeds in the midst of a small town, hares, playing in summer 10m from the road – a common and familiar sight.

The second – high numbers game. The main problem – not find an animal, and choose a worthy trophy, get close to him on the shot and the clean, beautiful shots without making a wounded animal, cleaning service in madison.

Third. As a rule, high level of professionalism and commitment rangers. You can be sure that in due time will be met, will be taken, fail, indicate a worthy trophy … and the rest is up to you and God.

. Fourth European traditions in the hunt: a sprig of lucky hat in hand, before the construction of hunting horns signal the beginning and end of the pen, a parade trophy hunting for the end – all in one way or another is present in each hunt.

Fifth. After paying for the hunt, you pay for accommodation, food, service rangers, hunting permits, initial processing of trophies. Trophies are paid in addition, their cost is determined depending on the size – the weight of the horns, the length of the canines. Hunter gets a trophy – the skull with horns or tusks. If you want to take with them the meat, the skin, or the whole carcass – it is an additional cost. Meat is the property of hunting and goes on sale to restaurants or exported.

What do we get as a result of this comparison? What are the advantages of hunting trips in European countries?

You are visiting the country to which, perhaps, would have liked to have gone and just a tourist trip – and then look at the new and the familiar, but liked the country and happy hunting.

You hunt in the grounds of the high number of game, with excellent preparation and organization of hunting. Towers stand, lined dressing, transport is provided, hunters are well aware lands and with all of this – you always see a lot of animals, you just choose what you want to get a trophy.

The probability of success is dentist Madison very differently than we do – without a trophy is almost impossible to leave. The only question is its size – you can all three days of chasing a record, and can shoot and trophies 3-5-10 medium size.

Accommodation in a cozy hunting lodge or a small hunting accommodation in rooms with all amenities, situated in a small village or in the forest. Excellent food, usually – with venison. The ability to go to the nearest town or castle, or just stroll through the beautiful places during the rest between hunts.

As the costs of hunting trip in Europe, of course, more expensive than travel to the surrounding area. But if you calculate how much it costs you to shoot a trophy – winning is precisely because the European hunt. And it is very difficult to estimate the money that feeling of security and comfort that you will experience on this hunt.

Let’s see how this goes round, for example, the hunting of deer and wild boar in Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. These countries are now at the peak of popularity – the high number and variety of game, good (focused on the Germans) the level of service, convenience of travel (2 hour flight to the capital, and 2-4 hours by car to any part of the country).Unfortunately, the tightening of the visa regime in Eastern Europe a bit complicated design entry – it takes at least a week.

So, you decided to go on a hunt, and even outlined the timeline. You call the agency were transported to the office, place an order and contract, pay organizational expenses, rent out all the necessary documents. Agency booking of the hunt, visas and permits for arms, to reserve tickets. Cost of the tour you pay by bank transfer or cash on the spot. With a need to have the appropriate amount of cash to pay for trophies, and personal expenses.

You are greeted at the airport of Warsaw (or Budapest), usually for 1-2 jeep or van and taken to the hunting lodge, where you will be placed during the hunt. The trip takes one and a half to three-four hours. You are placed in their rooms, dine.Drive up and head hunting huntsman, get acquainted with the hunters. On the same day, usually targeting guns, rented, or his – to be checked after the road. You may have time to even sit on the tower and then shoot wild boar or deer.

In the morning, 5-6 hours, in the dawn twilight – coffee and tea with sandwiches, fried eggs, some snacks, and leaving on the hunt, each hunter with his gamekeeper on a separate machine. Roe comes to feed on the open meadows and fields at twilight, and it is important to have time to catch her there before she leaves for the day in forest thickets. From a distance from the machine to see deer and finding a suitable male, huntsman You sneak up on him at a distance of a confident shot. The extracted roe immediately gutted and immediately after the hunt, since you will be brought to the hunting lodge, it will be taken to a special refrigerator and head ranger takes away the trophy for processing.

By 10-11 o’clock in the morning you go back for a hearty lunch and rest or walking, trips. Beginning in late August in the afternoon, you can hunt partridge, duck. In 15-16 hours – tea, a small snack and 16-17 hours – leaving for the evening hunt. By this time the deer begins to come out into the open, and in the evening twilight, and possible meeting with wild boars. But the best opportunity to get the wild boar – in the thick twilight, sitting in an ambush on the tower. Of course, the chances of success greatly increases the full moon and clear weather. In the darkness, in the 21-22 hours, you come back for a delicious and hearty meal, for which it is possible to discuss and celebrate the successes of the day hunting.

During hunting time flies imperceptibly. In the evening of the last day of hunting rangers bring you all the trophies had shot already boiled and peeled. All trophies are weighed and measured in your presence, filled with hunting protocols, all the necessary documents. As a rule, a farewell dinner is delayed for a long time.

In the morning you are taken to the airport, the necessary formalities with the weapon, boarding, and that you have met such familiar queue and the taxi drivers at the Sheremetyevo-2 and in front of the new work week. And you already want to go back to the wonderful and exciting world of hunting, and I am sure that you again and again go hunting in Europe.