How to be the perfect wife and not lose yourself?

When all your favorite romantic comedies cases usually end wedding. But the wedding – not top the relationship between man and woman. Meet the men and win it much easier to carry than a sense through the years, while retaining the warmth and sincerity towards each other. Of course, universal recipe for happiness in marriage does not exist, but at least try to create it worth it, is not it? What women need to know to become an ideal wife to her lover? limo service Miami

How to be the perfect wife and not lose yourself?
In the power of the ideal

With the problems of everyday life sooner or later faces every couple, and it’s perfectly normal.¬†Another thing the couple look to this side of life is often not just different, but fundamentally opposite. Man demands that his wife’s full commitment household, home, children. Every woman reacts in its own way: someone starts to protest, refusing to take on care of all the household chores, and someone on the contrary – they dentist Madison dipped his head. And even if a woman chooses the second option, it will sooner or later realize that happiness and harmony in the family has increased, not feeling loved woman and a working horse. Both men and women need to learn one simple principle strong happy family, “Happy wife, happy family anyway.” It is incredibly simple, but it works. spa service Miami

Of course, every man would even sometimes see his companion in the form Stepfordskye wife. But his desire should not turn into a cult. If a woman has lived on a “must”, it begins to unconsciously expect the same behavior from her husband, “you have to come home within six,” “should earn a lot of money,” and so on. Do you want your family life turned into one continuous call of duty?

Cleaning Service in Madison therapist believes that the desire to become an ideal wife should not go beyond reason. Every man wants next to him was a person, not a robot bent on the farm. But this does not mean that you can relax and never cook dinner, limited dumplings and other semi. If today you do not want to cook – do not do it. Invite your favorite cafe or a restaurant, order a pizza or sushi home, and everything, as long as you both feel comfortable! But remember that no home meatballs, soups, pies, too, can not do! In general, look for a compromise, learn to communicate and negotiate. Only then can we build a solid foundation for a happy and strong family. more

So different, but still together

Psychologists have found that the peak of family quarrels and squabbles account for holidays. The main reason experts believe the female sensitivity, tendency to exaggeration. For example, the day of man did not come home on time, gave a gift, but gave flowers. The woman immediately makes clear conclusion: “He stopped loving me!”. Lovely ladies, even if you have a similar complaint, try to express it so that your chosen one understood it correctly. All your comparison, generalization and metaphor literally men understand that only exacerbates the conflict. Replace the favorite phrase of all women: “You never let me know, no price no heed!” At the more lenient: “I would like you to be more attention paid to the family, children, home.” The secret of longevity of marriage couples who lived together for a lifetime, simple – they even quarrel with kindness, with love. here

Sex on schedule

The study, organized by the World Centre for Family Planning, showed that 88% of all divorces occur due to dissatisfaction with sex. Moments of calm in the sexual life always happen in the life of each pair. It happens every month and is the result of natural decline of physiological activity. In men, a decrease in the level of “hormone sexuality” – testosterone. Speaking of sexual activity on the seasons, the winter testosterone decreases, and in the late summer and fall – on the contrary increases. If the period of calm woman chosen persistently persuaded to have sex, it only worsens the situation, blunting instincts of men as conqueror getter. If you notice some cooling on his part, do not need to try to shake him by all available means. Just be engaged in their business, become more independent and tayemnychishi. Your intimacy must be restored.¬†

In the island of freedom require all

Neuroscientists have found that the human brain resists hard routine and monotony. It calls for new sensations. Therefore, even the happiest couples sometimes want to be alone, getting an opportunity to reflect and relax. If your husband has come such a period, then do not try to climb into his soul, asking a lot of questions and making hasty gloomy conclusions. The best thing you can do – do not take the silence to heart and just wait. Your tact is sure to be appreciated by your chosen one.

I will not give you

Obvious attempts to keep her husband will work against you. A man should assume that you are independent. If you have an adversary, do not rush to file for divorce. Try to find out what a woman what she wants to know that he loves. This will help you understand what your husband is missing. And remember how much you spent in marriage, flirtation and coquetry do not have to leave your family. No need to devote all men in women’s secrets. He does not necessarily know why you need a mud mask and a cellulite cream. You must learn to gently balance between the roles, changing one time to another. Be strong and soft, stubborn and humble, strong and weak, serious and light-hearted, highly moral and otvyaznoy, intelligent and reckless. This will act on your spouse’s almost magical, creating the feeling that every time it is near the new woman, for which you need to take care that you want to achieve and win respect and understand. read