How to choose a gun for hunting goose

Sooner or later, goose hunting practices make the hunter to get a proper insight into the weapons and that he needed a patron when hunting geese . New here is nothing, all have been studied and known. But, let’s understand the same, break it down, and to choose the right weapon for us was hunting geese.

On the hunt in the first place it is necessary to use all methods that could reduce the range of fire to a reasonable level. But in spite of personal experience, good quality half-shells and profiles, decoys, various shelters, often have to shoot at a distance of 50-60 m.

The complex shooting at a distance of a fraction?

The first thing usually face Kazakh hunters, this is something that not all weapons and ammunition, which are positioned as weapons and ammunition for the goose hunts are. If we talk about the most acceptable semi-automatic weapons to hunt geese , not every model that is sold in our stores is optimal for this purpose.

We could not explain this fact, it is already obvious. Hope for ammunition “magnum” and imported semi-automatic model often leads to frustration hunter, especially when hunting geese in the northern regions of Kazakhstan, where the bird more cautious. The problem is that the market is very little hunting cartridges of ammunition “Magnum” with characteristics suitable for effective hunting geese. As a result, we have increased out, chuck appreciation, depreciation of weapons and hunting low efficiency as a whole. By itself, an increase in sample fractions 46-50 g to not solve the problem, although it facilitates to some extent. It is necessary to focus as much as dentist Madison to the center of the scree shot when shooting at the limit (50-55 m) range, have a thickening coefficient scree shot to the center of the target of at least 2.5-2.9. It is this parameter is the coefficient of condensation to the center and makes your gun able to hit a goose at maximum shooting distance of the large numbers of the fraction. Choosing the right initial velocity, solid fraction, with a high content of antimony, competent combination of the primer and powder type allow you to have an cleaning service in madison hunter cartridge whenhunting geese .

Achieving high condensation coefficient values to the center of the shot debris, it must be remembered that such shooting cartridges requires good skills. When shooting at a distance of 30-35 meters can miss due to the fact that most of the shot shell has collected in the central part of the talus, and when shooting at a distance of 50-60 meters is needed is a good practice to take the right skills anticipation. Of course, these cartridges that have a good performance on the knockdown can be used far from any gun.