How to correctly set up and maintain the group on the social networks?

Group or community on social networks – a successful tool to adequately represent your business in the virtual space and take their share of the e-commerce market. For large companies such group is partially replaced official website. Dental Staff

With proper design and maintenance of the group can significantly strengthen sales. Greatly simplify the task of creating online stores, which are now available VKontakte and Facebook.

Explore the interests of the target audience

When making a group on the social network is important to remember that in fact – is the calling card companies, and so the design you need to consider the details. The harmony of colors, comfortable layout tools, fully completed sections – all significantly affect the group’s popularity. When choosing a design is important to consider the interests and needs of the target audience group.

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Seriously work on this issue, clearly define, in meeting the needs of any group of interested visitors, your potential customers. And your offer – a product or service can satisfy them. If it is true, determine priorities, be able to unite in their group in the social network are thousands and tens of thousands of users. Edgewater Office Location

Dissemination of information in such a community is already working on a “word of mouth” – the consumer uses your service, I bought the goods of your company. He liked it, and in private conversations with your friends, colleagues, relatives, he recommends is your brand. And the easiest way to share information – a link to the group in the social network, where all the necessary information in one place, plus contact details.

Provide opportunities for communication and react to criticism

The best and fastest way to spread information – tools for communication in the group. Each user who is logged on your page, that is, shown to your brand or discussed topic of interest, should be able to express their opinions. Residences at Biltmore

Do not be afraid of negative comments. Do not remove them, if you criticize constructively. Take note of this, fix bugs, and … be sure to respond to all the comments! In this case, do not “make advances” with users. Let’s criticism of short, informative and appropriate responses.

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It stimulates the live chat, and users will see that the group really works in the social network – is regularly updated and developed. Reply to comment – a manifestation of interest to the user, an indicator of its own importance. Feeling involved in the process, the user will feel the need to come again and again. Treat group members as partners and they will be happy to take part in the construction of the desired communication.

The group in a social network can be compared with the club, the community of interest. If the members have all the opportunities for interaction – to participate in contests, discussion by leaving comments, perhaps to add themed photos and video – they will use them, especially if you are convinced that their actions have a response. Your task – to show the user their unselfish interest and its significance.

“Dose” and use information unique photos
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When you create a group on the social network it is very important advance form of its development plan. In the first place, before your eyes will always be a program of action, you will know exactly how to respond to various user actions – Customer orders or just published a response, positive or negative. And, most importantly, you’ll know exactly in what amounts need to provide information.

For example, you present a new service, product or some significant event in the company’s activities. In such a publication is obligatory good illustration. If possible, use unique pictures. The easiest option – to find a nice photo on the Internet. Better yet, buy a picture at the thematic website. Ideal – take a photo of yourself.

pravikniye foto

If you allow corporate ethics, engage in photography company. Show life! Anonsiruete seminar? Take a couple of shots, which organizers something hotly debated. Promoting yoga class? Ask the master to perform an asana and make a beautiful picture. Launches a new collection of clothes? Briefly tell us about the benefits and accompany bright image. Do not allow blurry, crooked cropped photos! Never. This should be the rule.

Show why it is beneficial

And go back to the previous rule – do not forget to comment on the publication and to call for the members of the group! Discuss the topic as long as the interest in it is not quenched. After the announcement of the event or service, you can publish short positions of the positive responses.

Tell us about how you personally decided to test the functionality and convenience of the new service. Do not post empty positions on the type of “Good morning!” Photo mornings