How to go hunting in Europe

Preparations and charges on the hunt – always very long and full of doubt part of the hunt. Where to go? Where to live?We find whether beast or fowl? What is the weather like? Take boots or not? Which cartridges and how much? The solution to all dentist Madison┬áissues takes 1-2 weeks. Then, on Thursday or Friday night – leaving 3-5 hours by car or a night on the train, the device on the basis of, or in the house of the huntsman and … no, is not hunting, and many problems – huntsmen, beaters, dogs, snowmobiles, boats , skradke – everything has to be on time and in the right place. Finally, solving these problems and solving them in the course of hunting, you spend 2-3 days at his favorite pastime, and shoot a trophy or – more often – empty on Sunday night or Monday morning back home. Either something like this takes place most of the “hunting day off” for residents of large cities.

And it is – at long been familiar places in their home country. What can we say about going hunting in Europe? The question “where” just seems insoluble; to this is added the problem of visas, tickets, permits for weapons … And how much it will cost! And they have their own, European, tradition … You need a special weapon, clothes … No, it is easier to Petrovich again. Let the last two – three times returned empty, maybe this time lucky?

But let’s see if it’s really so difficult and expensive.

1) Selection of the country

Currently, the most popular (and we, in Western Europe) hunting in Eastern Europe – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria. High numbers game, good organization of hunting, hospitality, natural beauty and attractions – all this attracts hunters from Western Europe, and now also from Russia. The choice between these two countries do not difficult – if not personal preferences ( “I want to Hungary, 3 hunting days + 2 days in Budapest”), it is necessary to decide on the timing and the desired hunting trophy and choose from the options offered by us.

2) On the hunt and with whom to go?

In the summer (June-August) – trophy hunting of male roe deer and wild boar. In August – September – begin magnificent hunting “on roar” red deer and later – by the doe. These individual hunting, with the entrance and approach, in the evening – from the tower. Each hunter – a gamekeeper, in a car or horse cart. On such hunting can go and one, but often gather three or four friends – always nice for dinner to discuss the successes and trophies, and in the afternoon between the hunts to go walk to the nearest town. Living conditions (1-2-bed rooms with all amenities, excellent cuisine, beautiful places) make attractive these trips and for your loved ones – neohotnikov. Wives, girlfriends, and children can share with you the pleasure of the hunt and just relax, keep you company.

Since the end of August and in September, start hunting birds – grouse, duck. Where you can hunt and one – cleaning service in madison, with the approach and the company. Still later – October – start hunting for pheasant pens and corrals combined hunting, shooting a wild boar, roe deer, hare, pheasant. This is the only group of hunting, at least 6-8 people per group. As a rule, many friends from the same company does not intend, and strangers together. Accommodation in comfortable surroundings, exciting and productive hunting create the perfect atmosphere for communication enthusiastic people hunting.

3) Visas and a weapons permit

From you only require a valid passport and a weapons permit, if you want to go with your gun. All visas and permits takes on hunting agency is required to do at least two weeks.

4) The cost of hunting

A trip on the hunt in the central regions of the European part of Russia for 3-4 days with a standard set of services (accommodation, food, transportation, hunting, huntsmen services) costs 200 to $ 1,000 (or USD, if you like) – depending on the level management. Of course, you can go and almost free of charge – without maintenance, but the impact of such hunts, on average less than 10%. But Jaeger and maintenance of hunting efficiency in modern animal population usually does not exceed 30-50%, ie, to make sure to get the trophy, you have to go 2-3 times, spending a suitable amount of time and money on travel and hunting, and most importantly – the nerves in the preparation and organization of hunting. Not everyone can afford such a loss of time and effort.

The cost of a 5-day hunting tour (Thursday – flight, arrival in agriculture, can be the beginning of the hunt, Friday to Sunday – three days of hunting, Monday – the return to Russia) is the cost of tickets (220-450 dollars in the Eastern European countries. different countries), the actual cost of hunting (in Poland and Bulgaria -.. from 500-800 USD, in Hungary and Slovakii- from 600-900 dollars), and the cost of the bagged trophies, which is comparable or even lower than in Russia. To this must be added the cost of issuing visas, compulsory insurance, permits for import and export of weapons – all this results in an additional 150-200 dollars.

5) Weapons

Firstly, it does not necessarily carry with them his gun. In most cases, you can take the place of hire suitable weapon, which you can try before hunting. Secondly, if you prefer to shoot from her, loved, adjust, you need to consider a few points:

  • permission to export arms from Russia is made at least one month. This must be taken into account in the planning and ordering of hunting.

In most countries of hunting:

  • banned hunting of ungulates with shotguns (exception – bullet shooting deer and boar driven hunt, buckshot prohibited);
  • prohibited the use of hunting rifles with a caliber of less than 6.5 mm and 7.62×39 caliber – in hunting ungulates;
  • for most hunting is enough to use a rifle cartridge 7.62H51 (Win308), 30-06, 300 Win. Mag. with robust optics, allowing to shoot at dusk;
  • There are various restrictions on the purchase of ammunition for the rifle, so it is desirable to take with you. Of course, much depends on the hand, but at the individual hunting with an approach typically 5 trophies missing 15-20 rounds. In general, taking a 60-80 rounds (3-4 boxes), you can be absolutely quiet.