How to return the love and passion

Remember how nice it all began! Hugs were strong, passionate kisses and hot. From a glance at the beloved in all boil and trembled from memories of him – goosebumps.
Train, happiness, joy, bliss … Remember those days? It was like a fairy tale! And it seemed that the tale will never end.

Wedding. The tale continues. But, eventually changing sensations, memories fade, feelings become smoother, quieter. You can not understand where they are vibrant, exciting feelings that were at the beginning of the novel. Why go crazy feeling and affection? … Where did those two loving person that you were before the wedding? …

You are less likely to have started kissing each other. I rarely see each other’s eyes. Proximity diminished – Is this the end? …

Psychologists believe that the crisis 1, 3, 5 and 7 years – it is quite a natural phenomenon. The only men in times of crisis are beginning to look around and seek adventure. And the women … Oh, women rush to the sweet and flour. And shops. Women begin making stupid purchases, seeking solace in this class. more here

Everyone wants to experience again the feelings that were at the time of first love, return to former sex addiction, and relationships – romance and joy.
Not all succeeded, unfortunately. Many couples break up, and everyone is looking for new experiences to again and again they disappointed.

Why love dies? Why break up families? How to return the love and passion?
Only those who truly wants to understand and happiness of the loved one – for him – will succeed and keep the feeling. Selfish and selfish happiness is not given.

How did “not cool” or revive if the “cooled”?

1. Do not collect within themselves images to a loved one. Collecting the image and omissions dampens joy kills dentist in madison and trust. We like to include a mechanism etching own happiness! After all, happiness – is a natural, joyful and sanitary condition for any human being !!!
2. You need to understand exactly what we expect from love and from their partner. We all feel love in different ways and different sending signals about love. dance Miami We like talking in different languages, sometimes not hearing each other! We try to convey their love as would like to get it yourself. But the partner is all quite different! He can talk to the “unknown” you “language of love”!
We must try to understand and learn the “language of love” of his partner and teach his “own language”. Then everyone starts to get on the relationship exactly what he expects and the romance, the joy did not leave you.
3. Cleaning Service in Madison. We are always ready to fan that spark into a flame, you just try a little!
Look for a partner with different eyes, remember first feeling of closeness, change the script of life, adding a visual sensation. Skillfully use jealousy and coquetry, zahravayte partner, teasing him. Entice. Play new games. Unleash the imagination and will let feelings. The result you will feel almost instantly.
4. Do not stop in his ability to love! The relationship can not stand still, but if they do not move forward and upward – then begin to roll down with enormous speed. spa Miami
Rozvyvaytesya help yourself and your loved one to develop. Opening new horizons in sexual games, and creativity and communication! Most importantly – do not stop, keep moving forward!
That theory. And to make it all into practice, if the crisis is “covered” your couple?
Of course, you can find a good therapist and work it. But finding it is not always feasible and not all available.
You can go to special training. They can serve as a “springboard” to start a new path in relationship.

Try to negotiate with your loved one about the kind of game – the game of couples dance where everyone in turn should make a step and lead partner.
Find out how his parents found in business and his actions to his love. This will give you a chance to understand its “language of love”, which for a familiar and intuitive. Tell us about yourself, about what you do not have enough of what you dream. Words, actions, any little things – you have to know everything about each other. And if you want to keep the love and knowledge needed to use every hour on the good relationship!

Do not be afraid of new life, not worry about the old. Just live and enjoy every passing day. This will give a chance to return the former relationship, to be loved again and again to love.

I sincerely wish you to believe in their strength and force your partner to overcome fear and doubt, banish pain and disappointment image! Just think about what true love is worth all the effort. Always, always, always remember this more info