Monogamous relationship “science”: at the forefront – woman

Why women live with men? Solely for the sake of their own security stability, meet scientists. The man needed only sex. Such cynical nature of human relationships is the basis of monogamy – monogamy. At the initiative in a monogamous relationship initially came from the fairer sex. And he continues to come out. window repair Miami

Continually offering sex monogamous species females hide their ability to bear children. And make men lie all the time to stay close.

Heart of beauty tends to deceive

Sex energy demands and threatening diseases. So naturally in most species females enter into sexual relations only achieve fertility – possibilities to conceive. pet grooming Miami Thus, the individual man can easily determine which partner able to bear children. And do not waste time on those who are unable to conceive. Because males do not usually help raise offspring.

However, the people “girls” clearly wiser. They have dramatically reduced visual demonstration of readiness to conceive. Switched to have sex at any time of the day and of course the night. And do not give men the opportunity to understand who are able to work and who progeny – no. “Male” is deprived of the usual tips and can only focus on the behavior of friends. cleaning service Miami

While no love was coming, man not perebisytsya

Sexologists say: not knowing the status of partner, a real man loses incentive for further research, as the closest in terms of fertility she hardly different from any other. dentist Miami

Until recently, the focus remained such a mystery. In nature, usually if the male chooses a permanent connection instead promiscuous, the number of its offspring is reduced, as well as evolutionary perspective. Will there be enough females who hide fertility and continually offered sex to maintain a balance?

monogamous relationship
Cynical sex attracted men

Scientists Netherlands Institute of Ecology tested the theory using mathematical models. I found that under certain conditions, monogamous relationship is the best option. Even in populations which have accepted numerous partner (some birds and porcupines) male individuals calm down. I lean toward long-term relationship when females begin to bury their fertility.

Cleaning Service in Madison explanations of sexual behavior always locked on the man, but this scheme gives attention to the woman. French biologists from the National Research Centre of the Netherlands share the views of colleagues is at the heart of the lady. As ovulation becomes hidden, gentlemen remain close to the girls more time. more info

This is not love, but it seems

However, experts from the University Noyverslyuskoho believe that the involvement of boys monogamy is not the only reason why women take sexually dominant position. Entering into contact with many different men, “experienced person” hopes that one day her child will be held a strong partner. This is why infidelity of his wife showing even in those families where couples are created for life.