News From The Reservoirs

Starting the last week is not too happy about the weather forecast. East strong wind from the next cold snap did not promise good fishing. However, it turned out a little differently. Many large reservoirs in the beginning of the week nibble was significantly more intense than at the end of the week. That once again confirms the conclusion of multifactor impact on the activity of the fish.

In general, the trend is clearly seen as a rolling peace and predatory fish to deeper places. In some reservoirs, this trend has already fully implemented. The same can be said about the deep quarries and lakes. In general, the biting was inactive, except for certain cases of sustainable fish for two days in some specific areas. First of all, this applies to burbot, perch and Rotan. In large bodies of water grouper is quite a decent size was active, but it was necessary to detect it. Actually, the main task of the past week was to find fish.

It would seem, in exactly the same places of the fish could be, and could be absent. It says only that there was a concentration of fish in large flocks that have not yet taken pre-winter parking and very active move. This behavior of fish, primarily reflected in the results of the lovers of the feeder and float. Lack of mobility in finding fish fishing transformed into open lottery with a choice of water body and place of fishing. Unexpected results were even those anglers who are perfectly familiar with any particular body of water.

In such cases, transitional periods off-season is the knowledge of the habits of the fish pond and may do a disservice. The angler tries to catch, being sure that the fish are there, and the fish moved. A couple of hours angler reels off tackles and a sense of accomplishment to announce the closing of the season float fishing. A hundred meters away on the same body of water, at the same time with the silver bream roach waiting to somebody to bring the bait and crank on the hook. Fishing in general is not only complex, but also a little comfort.


The biggest disappointment brought the Rybinsk reservoir and Ruza. The first lasting consequences of uncontrolled fishing in the wintering holes in the zone of the reserve. In Ruza are most likely to affect the biting reduction in the water level and fish waste from the shore.

At Ivankovo and Uglich reservoirs continued uncertainty with the perch. Add to this the reduction of activity of pike, which in addition is not easy to find. Even with bass problems began. It is most likely to find this predator is now on the outputs of the larger bays. With flocks perch hold medium-sized pike. It is noteworthy that Ivan’kovskii, Istra, Pirogov Reservoir was actually find pack fatliquoring perch quite a decent size.

On the Volga reservoirs roach, bream and white bream retain good activity, but you need to find a point and take the light tackle with thin fishing line.
All reservoirs of Middle and Lower Volga continues biting chub and large pike. In the Lower Volga began in the fall move large bream.