Psychology of communication with men

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This is already much has been written and said. I continue to write entire treatises, but, nevertheless, the issue of relations between men and women with acute wedge included in any society. Perhaps there is no single set of rules to help all lovers of the world to live happily ever after. And often people ignore all the most useful advice, as life dictates of their own. So today we will talk about the obvious and unbelievable – the beautiful women who are unable to build great relationships with equally beautiful men. more here

All men ECS? …

Women who are unable to create relationships often take a negative determination of men. Positive psychology intercourse with men begins with elementary – to stop the curse. Stop them assess how the market compared to non-existent images princes of cheap novels, look for evidence that all men are terrible and disgusting. If you are indulging such beliefs cease to engage in nonsense and realistic look at life. If you do not admit the possible existence of normal, adequate and mentally healthy men, they are too far from your microcosm and you prytyahnutsya only those in whom you believe – the most negative characters thwarted your novels. Remember, if you believe all the bad men, they are absolutely nothing to do – it’s your personal problem. If you can not deal with it yourself, go to a psychologist and correct their vision. Otherwise, normal relations will not be. goods and services directory

We are too different!

This love mankiruvaty not only women. They say we are all different, from other planets, men and women will never understand each other and everything is fundamentally wrong. This belief should throw away or put into the museum canceled theater props. Men and women alike. All healthy and normal people need care, stability and little freedom. Everyone should be confident in the future, to get everything at once, to be healthy and happy, like people, avoid trouble and get all kinds of positive feelings. Everyone wants to love and be loved, do children build up their nest and feel important. Everyone wants to be lazy sometimes and avoid their duties, throw the responsibility on others and just disappear somewhere to rest all. Knowing what people want, you understand – psychology of communication with men is simple and clear – enough to understand that communication was effective. read

I’m not a man, I – personality!

At the root of his psychology of communication with men mean an individual approach. Imagine that you acquainted with someone represent – “Marina, a woman.” You will be unpleasant if you mark only on sex. And just so you and do when trying to calculate some qualities in man based on his gender. So if you chose someone and want to develop relationships, forget everything you know about men (including what mom said), and concentrate on the study of personality. This will help avoid stereotypical thinking.

Training shall be!

Any person before you will meet, must undergo personal correction. This is completely normal, and be prepared to sometimes show firmness for communication, not allowing his partner to perform certain acts that hurt you. Talk to them clearly and firmly, that he encountered fewer issues and a desire to repeat the trick. Do not start a demonstration performance in the form of hysteria or deathly silence – be as easy as possible. Nothing abnormal is that the person does any actions that you seem unpleasant, no. Especially if, after you set it on their unattractiveness, he has lost the desire to repeat them. But, “adjusting” the identity for themselves, remember two things – first, do not forget to take into account the wishes of their partner about you, and secondly, not played in a strict teacher of primary school, or quickly begin to tire of her husband. But everything should be in moderation and very adequately. click here


When taking into account the above, the conclusion suggests itself – psychology of communication with men is not an exact science with formulas and axioms. It is very difficult and at the same time simple process of normal human communication.