Smart Candle, which can ignite from a mobile device

Collection of “smart” things are gradually expanding. Users have grown accustomed to the smart refrigerator, TV, suitcases and mattresses. Now the turn to candles.

Development of «Wi-Fire» uses real fire instead of LED flicker. LuDela Candle connected with a smartphone and is controlled from a mobile device. Inside the shell is a real wax filler, which ignited the flame. At present users the opportunity not only to light a fire, but put it out if desired, using a telephone. Everything is done remotely.

How to use?

To harness the power of new technology, the user only has to install a special application on the smartphone, which comes free. One tap of the screen, you can activate a candle and light the fire. The user may even be in another room and quietly activate a device that runs on batteries. Battery capacity is enough for several years, since it is only necessary to set fire to the wick. When the battery charge is at the minimum level on the smartphone app will notify you.

Distinctive features of the development

LuDela Candles will be useful to people who are afraid of an open fire in your home. You have no need to always have on hand a match or lighter. The candle has a special security sensor. If you are too close to get close to the unit work sensor that automatically order extinguish the flames. If the candle accidentally falls, the fire goes out. Developers have created a candle so that the hot wax will drop to a table or furniture, and will not create a risk of burns.

The main disadvantage

Repellent factor for lovers of innovative gadgets – is the price. You can buy a regular packet of candles for 300 rubles in a specialized store, for LuDela you will have to pay 6000 rubles. It is worth noting that the price does not include the wax filler, supplies of which are expected in the first quarter of 2017.