That hidden lips

If you ask any young man that looks like this or that girl, he usually first begin to speak of her face. Tell about her eyes, look, and, of course, how she smiles. And it is no coincidence, since lips always occupy a special place.

Did you know that women’s lips, and it is their form, can tell a lot about? Even if you see a girl for the first time, but looking at her lips, you are able to determine it suits you or not. read

So …

The concept of plump lips are very closely intertwined with sexuality and sensuality. dentist Miami If the girl’s facial features are great, they always attract the most attention from the opposite sex. This lips are a special part of the body, which is usually associated moment of pleasure. Most women aging attract as much attention, trying to change the shape of her lips, using cosmetics, and even help plastic surgeons.

Narrow lips say that she closed and silent. Such people are usually much of his life dedicated work. Life to them is not always good, because by its nature, they are subject to continuous accusations and ridicule. So the owner of thin lips constantly experiencing internal stress, differ somewhat dramatic character and always ready to resist, even if completely unfounded. As for the friendship, these people are usually too cherished his friends and girlfriends, and they can take a bit painful successes of others. However, this does not prevent them always come to the aid of their loved ones, despite life situation. stylist Miami

Dentist in Madison lip indicates that the person is distinguished by its dedication and dignified. He is too proud, and the pride it might just be huge, and as a result – a complete disregard for the opinions of others people confidence that is always right is he presenting himself as something exclusive and special.

Protruding lower lip tells that its owner too selfish person. Such a person differs unbalanced character and constant change of mood. Communicate with people, usually quite difficult, because they always try to take a dominant position, subordinating his will and his desire to those around them. The family are rarely happy as always translate himself and his various whims second half, clinging to almost everything, showing usually completely unrealistic demands.

Sharply defined or upturned lips say that their owner does not differ overly inflated claims, and for a long time he could be content with what is. They did not catch the cranes in the sky, building grandiose plans. In addressing the many questions they have come to rely on their own conservatism. If such people in life expect dramatic change, they are long enough to get used to the new circumstances. They often pursue depression and bad moods, and they tend to underestimate just his personality. limo Miami