The fourth phase of life

Which option you choose, the exact date of his death or to stay in the dark? Death – is an inevitable process for all living beings, the same as the birth. Scientists were able to identify a new phase of life that foretells death.

At the beginning of the XX century, scientists have shared only two phases of life: childhood and adulthood. The childhood condition the person is growing, there is a development of his internal organs and systems. Since puberty, the person enters adulthood. Young body safe from a long and severe illness. Aging Рis an inevitable process, which follows immediately after adulthood. During this period, there are physical changes in the body, and the probability of occurrence of physical death increases with each passing year. interior design Madison

The third phase

Scientists have found out that there is another phase, and the third, through which the older generation. Researcher Laurence Muller of the University of California, says that a person who has attained 80 years of age and to those who celebrated their 90th anniversary, their chances of death are considered as approximately equal. The third phase is called “late life.” The scientist believes that with age, the mortality rate is leveled. The ratio of annualized growth in mortality rates is not working at the end of the human journey. Regarding this phenomenon are still hotly debated among scientists.

New research

This question engaged in Lawrence Muller with his colleague Michael Rose. They conducted tests on fruit flies fruit flies. Scientists selected females flies about 2800, each of which was placed in a flask with males. Every day, scientists counted the number of eggs in each pair. The observation was made as long as all the flies are not dead. Researchers help students from universities, since it was a very tedious job.

Opening of the fourth phase

It was possible to determine that each day the number of eggs laid decreases. Scientists expect failure, female fertility passes in the same way, and the birth rate is not leveled, when a female entered the final phase of his life. The researchers looked closer attention to this process and have found something wonderful and mysterious. Lawrence said that if separate females who are on the verge of death, and to compare them with other individuals, there will be a significant difference in fertility. Factor flies fertility drops sharply 2 weeks prior to the onset of death. The organism is an individual demonstrates an absolutely predictable death spiral. The decline in fertility occurs at any age. dance studio Madison This is a new, fourth stage, which was recently opened. In 2012, they found that male fruit flies also pass through the recession play a few days before his death.


Scientists have done a great job and have learned with 80 percent probability to predict the date of death of Drosophila flies. The male drops sharply fertility. When the individual is preparing for death, its ability to reproduce drops to a critical level. Death spiral – this is an inevitable process. Human death is associated with age, but for the most part it is associated with fertility. This discovery led biologists to revise their theories.