The latest DNA technology edit

Compared with previous approaches, this technology is a quantum leap in the long term, these possibilities are endless. dentist Madison

What do we know about the technology of genetic editing CRISPR
Edited cell’s DNA before, this would have to remove the DNA from the cells, to make the necessary changes and to enter an edited DNA back into the cage. CRISPR also allows intracellular DNA chain to cut “unnecessary” gene and introduce new features in the genetic code, altering its structure. This new set of genetic instructions for the cells transmitted through the neutralized virus. An inactivated virus – is part of the immune system of bacteria, and it can accurately find the specific locations in the DNA, performing the function of scissors. This will allow, for example, to remove the immune cells and introduce new, with new abilities. stylist Madison

The experiments were carried out in several countries – China, Sweden and the UK. And by 2020, the number of clinical trials increase.

What today is the technology?

To return sight to the blind rats – it was done in the Salk Institute in California. It is possible in the future to correct mutations in different cells of the heart, brain, blood, eye, liver. Or, for example, to create mosquitoes that are unable to spread malaria.

Today CRISPR technology used in clinical trials to fight cancer – recently in China, scientists have successfully replaced the T-cells of patients with a severe form of lung cancer. interior design Madison

However, there is one serious problem: this method is difficult to test because we know very bad relations between genes in the genome. And we still do not know so much about the function of genes. At the same time, there is an opportunity to help people, and as often happens in science, there is a question of ethics. Is it ethical to help people, not knowing the consequences. How this may affect future generations, we do not know. It can be known in a dozen years – roughly the time the test will take.