The Pond and Career

In small ponds worthy of attention only fishing company, which pecked very good, and came across a very well-fed “firebrand”. It can be said that the autumn has started biting a large company, which will last approximately another three weeks. Also rotan, nicking roach, but short-term yields. In some ponds still retains activity carp, which has almost ceased to respond to the bait, and you need to pick up the bait. This may be a worm, bloodworm or barley.

on the rivers

In small and shallow rivers catch up small bleak and a small perch. At Oka and Pakhra caught bream, roach and bleak. At Oka, Klyazma, and other rivers, where there are burbot, this fish has noticeably active. Designated parking burbot fish are well known and are methodically scooped.

By the rivers of medium size all the fish continued to bite, with varying success, which depended on the weather. Any special bursts of activity predators were observed. Noticeably less active was the chub. Minnow and dace left the place around rapids and descended into the track and pits. On larger rivers were practically only spinning and the most fanatical fans of the feeder. The beginning of autumn hunting for big catfish and pike trophy. Large pike leaves deep watering and moves to the Run-of River touchline.

fee fishing

Here last week was very interesting. As it may seem strange again, but keeps the carp to bite. Moreover, in some farms literate fishermen managed to catch more than twenty kilograms barley.

In some bodies of water, these, unfortunately, very few of the carp would not leave large carp, which is preferred bloodworms. Nibble began with the emergence of the sun from behind the clouds, but then I could go on almost to the evening.

Most problematic was to catch a decent-sized pike because of its lack of most farms. As the water temperature dropped to 7-9 degrees, most of the fishermen was aimed at trout. It is worth noting one feature. Last week, it was impossible to calculate some natural connection between the amount of fish in the pond and catching results. There were no significant associations between fish and starts biting. It was very difficult to identify the “cool” clock.