What does the word «Like»

In Canberra, very safe. Largely due to the fact that it is the administrative part of Australia, where the government buildings and embassies of various countries. In the little town of thefts and the locals are very gullible. Interior Design Atlanta
16. Among the bus drivers are very many women and buses moving through the city on a separate page and with good speed. transport links are carried on passenger demand.
17. At each stop in Canberra Set short number by sending an SMS to that you can find out how much it will bus.

18. The whole city, especially when viewed from a height, surrounded by mountains. Stunner.
19. Right in the park can be seen living in the wild kangaroos. They are quite brave and admit to himself close people. However, there is also a sad fact about these animals. At night, they jump on the track under the lights of passing vehicles – and with good intentions, the driver often does not have time to react. Therefore, in the daytime a lot of downed kangaroos can be seen lying on the road. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.
20. The sad fact about Canberra – road at night illuminated poorly or not at all covered, especially road. Therefore, at night on the road much less drivers. Instead of lamps installed reflective road markings. Limo Service in Atlanta

If you are studying English, you may already know what the word like, but if you have not lived in the United States, you may be unfamiliar to some informal situations, the use of the word. And even if you speak good in English, about the informal use of the word will be useful to you.
The formal use

Description preferences

Like – verb that is used to describe preferences.
I like learning English on Italki. I like to learn English online on italki.
I like hamburgers more that hot dogs. I love the burgers over hot dogs.
for comparison

Like it can be used to compare two things.
That man looks like Tom Cruise. This man looks like Tom Cruise.
One of these things is not like the other. One thing does not look like the other. Dance Studio Atlanta
It is similar in meaning to ‘such as’

Technologies such as smart phones and tablets are changing the business.
Like in this example it has almost the same value as the such as. The speaker has in mind that the technologies that are changing the business may include smartphones and tablets, but it can also simply be considered and related technologies. The proposal with such as technology, referred to as a changing business include just smartphones and tablets.
Close in meaning to the ‘as if’

Like replaces as if, to link two simple suggestions as part of the complex.
They spend money as if he had just won the lottery. They spend money like they’ve just won the lottery.
They spend money as if he had just won the lottery. They spend money as if they’ve just won the lottery.
Note: The last two use seem to someone informal, but they are so often used that the average native English speaker does not even know the difference.
Informal use

Stop and think

Like it can be used in the same cases as the um, uh, and well. This allows you to pause in mid-sentence, to decide what you want to say more.
Person 1: Are you coming with us on Friday? You’re coming with us on Friday?
Man 2: I … like … do not know yet because I might have to stay late at the office. I … uh … I do not know, because I needed to stay in office.
Guess exaggerate Spa Services in Atlanta

Like can be used to tell the audience something, what do you say now about or exaggerated.
Why are still studying? We have like five minutes until the exam. Why do you still teach? We have almost five minutes before the exam.
There are five minutes – an understatement of the time that is left before the exam. It is understood that the speaker considers useless to teach, because have so little time.
Man 1: Can you believe Sarah has a new boyfriend? Can you believe that Sarah’s the new guy?
Person 2: Yeah, she’s dated like thirty guys this year. Yes. She met almost thirty guys this year.
The truth may be that Sarah met with only five guys this year. Thirty – exaggeration.