When The Cold Comes…

When the cold comes, heralding a quick winter, the fish activity is greatly reduced. It is therefore necessary for catching float rod to carefully choose the place upcoming fishing to on extremely light and thin float snap securely to see a nice touch to the bait roach, white bream or carp leisurely.

As a rule, pre-winter and frequent bad weather forced the fishermen to make a choice standing waters. Most usually choose clean and deep ponds. Here you can hide behind the steep bank or coastal woods and winds are unable to disperse a large wave in the power of the small pond. Also, to fish, departed to a greater depth in the pond to get easier to tackle than in the vast reservoirs, or wide rivers.

Fish composition in small bodies of water is not so wide, but almost all of them roaches, carp, bleak, pike, perch, in recent years almost everywhere in large ponds flowing massively spread bream. It is in the pre-winter it is necessary to focus on the ponds with the “standard” set. After all, on a purely “Karasev” pond can easily be without a catch, because the behavior of carp in ice water almost unpredictable.

The most massive fish and ponds, where it was got, a roach. It is mobile and always hungry, keeps packs tight and takes place not with a maximum depth that gives the chance to reach the fish light and short rod, and it is the most comfortable for weak bite, strong winds and easy snap.

But we should not delude ourselves that the pre-winter roach on the pond will be easy to get to an acceptable amount. Ice water is transparent like glass, light penetrates deep into it, so all the flaws in tackles strongly reflected in the results of fishing. So we’ll have to pay very close attention to all elements of the construction equipment is for roach, not trying to catch while at the same time and carp and gudgeon, go to anything else.

Personal gear – a fishing line. You need a very thin and transparent fishing line – only this entirely invisible in the clear water, because it all of the light passes through itself, in contrast to the stained woods. It is necessary to give preference to the fishing line diameter 0.07-0.09 mm. Modern fishing line so strong that easily allow the fish to cope with solid size, the more so in the ponds is very large roach rare.

Another fine fishing line benefit is that it allows you to easily throw extremely easy snap-in, and it is this need and carefully pecking at catching roach. With this fishing line is possible to use a float with a load capacity of not more than one gram. At the same weights as a set of small pellets better spread evenly over the entire length of the descent, then the bait on the hook is very naturally and gently lowered into the water column to the bottom. This bait behavior will not cause suspicion in fish and lead to correct biting. And yet, small and thin float is most sensitive to contact with the fish, so it allows time to notice the same “thievish” roach bite than it is much different when the water in the ponds is strongly cools.