Why, when a person falls asleep, he feels a sense of falling?

This feeling can be compared when we stumble or miss a step on the stairs. From a scientific point of view – this feeling is described as hypnotic twitching, and sometimes hallucinations can occur.

What it is?
While scientists do not fully explain the origin of this feeling. Some argue that it is inherent in us. dance studio Madison The sudden awakening of a sense of fear helps to ensure a person that he is in a safe environment and his health is not threatened. Others say that sudden awakening allows you to check the position of the body before sleep.

The theory of hypnotic twitching suggests that this is just symptoms of our active physiological system that lends itself to the sleep state. We can say that it is a kind of transition from the conscious world into the world of relaxation and recreation. In essence, hypnotic twitching can be explained by switching between the reticular system of the brain and the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus, which uses inhibitory neurotransmitters to decrease alertness and bring sleep.  Some people have this feeling of falling occurs too often, several times a night, which is impeding normal sleep and relax. Most likely, this is due to nervous disorders and experiences, excessive fatigue. In this case, you need to take medicine, try to relax and sink into a deep sleep.

What causes frequent hypnagogic jerks?
Different energy stimulants, caffeine, excessive physical activity in the evening. This can break the sound sleep. The frequency of this phenomenon increases at times when a person experiences or experiences severe fatigue. cleaning service Madison Doctors recommend that adhere to the correct sleep-wake schedule.

A certain group of scientists is fully confident that the chance to experience a hypnotic twitching increased when the body is experiencing a lack of calcium, magnesium and iron.

This phenomenon is considered from the point of view of science, as a normal and natural to man. Scientists found out that the frequency of such hypnotic jerks declining with age. If you are experiencing every day the feeling, you should consult a doctor neurologist, review their activities. Perhaps this is due to your lifestyle, unhealthy diet, regular fatigue, stress and anxiety. Revise your work schedule. dentist Madison