Women’s high sense rules

All around smiling girlfriends, run on a date to boys. And you sit at home and think that life, as do guys pass you. Sound familiar? What to do? And here’s what to do – look out!

Dentist in Madison important thing – is to examine himself “and from” and not try to understand male psychology and severe torment the question: “What is it that men thinking?”. For example, yesterday at the festival met imposing man with a funny beard. Treated cocktail, and next morning sent sms: “How are you?”. Even years so 10 because I would immediately rushed to the girlfriend and we’d all day discussing what to answer him, that does not frighten, but to show that something is worth, hint at a date, but at the same time make it clear that without it lived. click here

But now, from the height of past years, I replied instantly: “Hello, mister, everything is fine!”. The reason for my quick answer is not that I became independent, and that I just learned how to communicate with men need that to experience only positive emotions and gain a good impression. It really does not matter how long acquaintance – a day or two years, or it will be nothing more than a novel SMS. So if you want to receive only from good relationships – remember that joke better not to offend.

Joke and image – two sides of the same coin. beauty USA

Each of us someday, but allow such a mistake. No exception and my girlfriend Anastasia. Her boyfriend Sasha went great, and she decided to make a joke: “Well, look, if you have damaged your manhood – you have to find a replacement.” Only after the nth number rozstavan Anastasia pryvchylasya make fun of guys more gently.

Capture the green light!

Despite our grandmothers belief that a woman should be weak, every man wants to feel your advantage before him. This is not because the 21st century – the century of weak men, but simply because they need that you would admire other men. That’s why you need to have a hobby, something that you enjoy and that might be interested in the opposite sex.

The way to the heart …

The way to the heart of every man – not a red carpet, and miles of hard work to appease this is not the heart and stomach …! Surprisingly, according to statistics marriage proposal makes men just after a hearty meal. First place in Top food – fried chicken! more info

No program.

In no case should not itself programmed in advance for a specific scenario. For example: “I need only nocturnal rendezvous”, because in that case the chances of a different outcome dramatically reduced.

Do not hang ear.

Men say that we want to hear – it’s long been a secret. But despite the awareness, women continue to blindly listen to promises of incredible happiness a year under the sun of fantastic Maldives. My friend Sveta on work just as well hung ears and catching every promise and eagerly asked when at last it happens that her beau naobitsyav. But soon she realized his innocence and no longer get your boyfriend issues, and – oh, miracle! – click

Intimacy – a sharp turn.

After this most intimate relationship
things can change dramatically, and not necessarily for the better. Your husband can just go because he got from you all wanted. So decide for yourself – you’re a casual connection or not.

You are special!

And finally – never compare to her friends in a relationship. The main thing is do not get stuck in search of a single, female and accumulate wisdom.