Your Secret Love

Passion – is this feeling that you must comprehend how science. She must learn. And, of course, learn from experience, deeper and deeper learning itself.

At the time of its heyday, and it is likely time to inexperience, curiosity and dreams, girls often resorted to the advice of friends. Together they discuss the most intimate question as to appear before a fan in the most favorable light than the interest the man hit his imagination so that overshadow the advantage of the other girls. The answer to the banal sms-ku have to ponder and polish, God knows how long, so as not to hit the face in the dirt. At a certain age it is the number one issue. more here

Years pass and eventually takes its experience. It simplifies everything. Now she has found great confidence and understanding men. Now it can not get any help from the joy of communication and relationships with the opposite sex, no matter how severe novel.

Forget the sharp jokes!

Cleaning Service in Madison that daring jokes and unflattering podtrunivaniya, turned toward her boyfriend, only to harden it. Nay! Men – the same people who are hurt like appeal. But if you, ladies, continue to throw sharp words, you can not just burn themselves in love. info

And do you have any talent? If not yet, then immediately open a creative skill. Let it be any custom grip. Something special, something you will not leave indifferent lover and make him a bit of envy itself, because with him so clever.

Call me, call!

Sometimes men should not be overestimated. Especially when they self-affirming at your expense. When asked for the room and did not call, take care of the nerves. Tablecloths track.

The goal through the stomach.

After twenty-five years of marriage, my parents decided to still give each other the main claim. And guess what, filed dad? “Val, you have not learned to bake cakes! “Yes, my mother did not know how. I also had to wind this message into their heads and learn to bake not only cakes but also pies and even cakes. It is really important for men.

Believe or not?

Oh, how often boys before girls are building castles in the sand. In verbal form, of course. Steer feminine look forward to a bright future together. The fact that so easy to control women, fueling sweet dreams. It is important to be patient and quietly wait for the fairy tale comes to performance, but do not fall into the illusion.

Do not change yourself!

In a relationship with a man you often forget about themselves? Trying to please, in spite of his desire? Or maybe all silent about their needs? While this is not a plus. Get ready for the fact that people will cease to be considered with you. click here

Sex will put everything in place.

In the past, mothers instructed their daughters: “Sex is only after the wedding! “However, the truth and that betrays this phrase, now is not considered modern. But to maintain a pause in relations still need until you will not acknowledge that they are ready. After all, the fate after sex relationships.

To be or not to be, or secret love.

Marry not attack, so can not be lost. spa Miami
Everyone in my life is my experience comes his way. No zadyvlyatysya what the path girlfriend and strive to follow in her footsteps. Happiness, love, success did not come when you desperately chase them, and as your wisdom, patience and positive life attitude and then you will have your secret love.